2015 Ford Thunderbird Release Date and Pricing

The first thing that comes to our minds when we think about 2015 Ford Thunderbird is classic design and style. However, this is not all since the manufacturer would not only make this car affordable but very powerful in terms of engine choice and its performances.

2015-Ford-Thunderbird Concept

Exterior of 2015 Ford Thunderbird

As we have already mentioned, 2015 ford thunder bird would have a typical design of a car from the 60s and 70s. Namely, it would be designed with aerodynamic lines which would also provide the sense of elegance and style. It needs to be said that the car would have only two doors and a trunk door. Additionally, the manufacturer would also use the latest LED technology for headlights and taillights. Also, there would also be the possibility of folding the roof, which would be a great thing to have during nice weather and scenery.


Thunderbird Interior

2015 Ford Thunderbird would have only one seat row and the capacity for two passengers. They would enjoy in a lot of comfort provided by leather seats and top quality upholstery. The manufacturer could also provide adjustable seats which would have heating. In addition to all this, the manufacturer would also provide numerous modern technologies to keep the pace with the competition. So, there would be a lot of ports for Bluetooth, MP3, USB and iPod. Furthermore, the manufacturer would also include a touchscreen and satellite navigation as additional equipment.


2015 Ford Thunderbird Engine and Transmissions

A lot of attention would be paid to the engine choice and its performances. Due to this reason, the manufacturer would choose to use a 3.9 liter engine for 2015 Ford Thunderbird. This engine would have the capacity to produce about 380 horsepower. Furthermore, we are talking about a V8 engine. The manufacturer would pair this engine choice with the automatic transmission which would have five speeds. Additionally, there would also be a multiport power hypodermic shot. Moreover, this engine would be made in such a way as to have reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emission.
In conclusion, a lot is expected from 2015 Ford Thunderbird in terms of its equipment packages and engine performances. The time would tell whether this car is worth all this attention.

2015 Ford Thunderbird Engine

Ford Thunderbird 2015 Release Date

At this very moment, we have certain data about 2015 Ford Thunderbird since the manufacturer has already officially revealed this car. However, even this is a 2015 model; we still do not have any precise information regarding the sales date. There has been some information, though, that this model would be available for sales at the very end of 2015.


When we are talking about the price of 2015 Ford Thunderbird, we still do not have any accurate price ranges even though this car has been officially revealed. However, it is expected that the prices for this car would become available during the upcoming weeks. However, there have been some speculations that the base model would be priced at about $30 000.

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