2015 Honda Urban SUV Appearance Engine and Price

Honda’s venerable 2015 Urban SUV will finally see the light of the day. The vehicle was officially unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show and from what we have seen; the future of the vehicle will be brighter than ever. Nissan’s Juke dominated the small crossover segment for a long time, and it seems that things will be changed once the new 2015 Honda Urban SUV hits the market. The 2015 Honda Urban SUV will number one. Honda’s new Urban SUV will be based on the Fit and it will introduce new and fresh styling cues. There are many details and novelties we need to talk about, so let’s start.

2015 Honda Urban

2015 Urban SUV Exterior

When we first saw Honda 2015 Urban SUV, we knew that its front fascia looked rather familiar but we couldn’t remember where we have seen it before. Then somebody finally said: Accord. Yes, the front fascia of the new Urban SUV is similar to the front fascia of the Accord. The side profile is also something we had seen before. Well, the side profile of the vehicle looks like a downsized version of the powerful CR-V. The vehicle might sport something we have already seen, but the combination looks absolutely perfect. Of course, the new Urban SUV will also have some unique design elements and cues.

The back of the car will be fresh for example with newly designed taillights with LED technology. A dual exhaust system will also be present on the vehicle, which is a quite new thing for a vehicle of this kind. The front of the car sports new LED headlights which look pretty much sharp and contribute to the powerful look of the car in a large extent.

2015 Honda Urban Exterior

Interior of 2015 Honda Urban SUV

The first and the most important thing we need to mention that the cabin of the 2015 Honda Urban SUV is driver focused. Everything is perfectly combined, allocated, and easily reachable so a driver can be focused on road all the time. Other than that, there won’t be major changes because there is no need for that. The only improvement arrives in the form of new modern materials and a couple of new technological features. Some of the features you will find inside of the cabin are navigation, 9-inch LCD screen, automatic climate control system, Bluetooth connectivity, etc.


2015 Honda Urban SUV Engine

Even though we still don’t have verified information, we anticipate a 1.5 liter aspirated inline 4 to be placed under the hood of the 2015 Honda Urban SUV. This engine belongs to the company’s new generation of engines. It seems to be small but it is capable of producing 132 hp and 114 lb-ft of torque. The most impressive thing about the engine is its fuel consumption. Thanks to the new continuously variable transmission and front wheel drive, fuel economy is rated at hard-to-believe 40 mpg which is much better than competition. With AWD system, fuel economy is rated at 38 mpg.



An estimated price for this excellent, fuel-efficient, powerful, and good-looking model is around $21.000.

More info: http://www.caranddriver.com/news/honda-urban-suv-concept-auto-shows

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