Car Paintwork Decontamination – What Is It and How to Do It Right?

While the effectiveness of the car detailing process depends on the quality of car wax or coating, its effects can be significantly compromised by inappropriate car preparation that requires a thorough paint decontamination procedure.This article will guide you through the steps involved in the meticulous removal of various contaminants from every nook and cranny, which is key to an impeccably shiny vehicle.

1.  Tackling metal contaminants


The effective cleaning process starts with the removal of brake dust from rims and paintwork surrounding the wheel arches. Iron Terminator from the Japanese brand Soft99, a unique product with a minimal odour and an exceptional ability to dissolve metallic residues, can help you with this task.

2.  Getting rid of tough spots on the paint

Car paint is susceptible to different types of dirt, with tar spots and biological contaminants being the toughest ones. A potent spray like Soft99’s New Pitch Cleaner can effectively dissolve tar spots caused by driving on heated asphalt. Once tar is removed, you can proceed to clean resin, bugs, and bird droppings from the paint. For this purpose, you can use Soft99’s Stain Cleaner, which should be sprayed on stained areas and left for two minutes before rinsing.

3.  Washing your car with shampoo


Now, the car is ready for a wash with a dedicated shampoo. The product you choose should be powerful yet gentle on car paint, ideally capable of creating thick foam and having a neutral pH. It is also crucial for a car shampoo not to leave marks after drying. Soft99 offers such a product, known as Neutral Creamy Shampoo.

4.  Detailing with clay and manual polishing

To remove particularly deeply embedded contaminants from the car paint, which may persist despite the previous cleaning steps, you can use a special clay. Soft99’s Smooth Egg Clay Bar, best used with a lubricating solution containing shampoo and water, will help eliminate remaining imperfections.

Furthermore, for optimal results during the application of a wax or coating, it is recommended to cleanse microscopic pores in the paint structure, where road film, dirt, and old coatings tend to accumulate. For this purpose, you may need a product with gentle abrasive particles, such as Micro Liquid Compound from Soft99.

5.  Degreasing


After completing all these steps, your car is ready for degreasing, which is a crucial step for the effective application of car wax or coating. You can use Soft99 Silicone Off to achieve the best results while removing old coatings and greasy road residues.

Paint decontamination – a necessary step in detailing

Car paint decontamination may seem like a tedious process, but it should not be overlooked. Waxing or applying a coating to car paint that has not been properly washed can lead to scratches, as dirt and dust will be rubbed into the surface. The polishing pad can become clogged with contaminants, which may also get trapped under the coating or wax, causing stains and corrosion in the future.

Ultimately, the durability of wax and coating can significantly decrease due to poor adhesion with contaminated paint.

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