Renting a Car in Dubai: 8 Tips to Help You Save and Drive Safely

Visiting a foreign country should be an as pleasant experience as possible, especially we talk about the first time you go to a new place. While it is almost impossible to plan the whole trip down to the smallest details, some things are better to organize in time and prepare for the upcoming adventure. For drivers, denying themselves the pleasures of four-wheelers is out of the question. 

On the other hand, shipping their ride to a remote destination might contrast their budget limitations. Thus, if you think about renting a car in one of the most popular destinations the modern tourist world has to offer, we suggest you read the tips to help you save and drive safely we have prepared for you in the lines below. You can also take advantage of the special discount offer we have here at TX Black Car And Limo Services for traveling in USA.

Before we continue with the suggestions to help you get your hands on the wheels you want, we should underline that opting for rental cars instead of relying on taxi services should not only potentiate you save up some cash, but it should also give you to explore the one-of-a-kind world of Dubai more easily. 

Even better, you would not be limited to solely commuting within the city, moreover, you would have the means of exploring neighboring emirates with ease. Thus, we recommend you focus on the details and do your homework even before you book a flight and begin your adventurous journey to the Gulf Tiger.

The Timing


Unquestionably, the most optimal thing you can do even before you begin the venture is to book a rental vehicle and arrange that it awaits you after your plane lands. Not only are the car rental services in Dubai affordable, but they are also a much cheaper way to move around the city, especially if you consider the price tag of taxi services.

In a nutshell, the sooner you arrange the details about your rental vehicle, the more time and money you will save.

Type of a Vehicle

When it comes to choosing the vehicle, we should emphasize that you should not experience any difficulties regardless of how picky you might be. Namely, the selection is basically unlimited, so we recommend you break a sweat in time, so you would not have to sweat your way through the warm streets of Dubai afterward.

Jokes aside, we suggest you pick your rental ride according to its size and performance. As we have already mentioned, the temperature in Dubai is usually high, so opting for a big and comfortable ride might do the trick and enhance your voyaging experience by far.

Make sure you always do what you do with some style, and pick the ride according to where you want to go and what you want to do since an off-road vehicle offers an utterly different range of opportunities than a limo and vice versa.

The Pricing


You should be familiar that Dubai ranks high among cities with the most affordable car rental services, so if you add the incomparable variety of available models on the market to the equation, you should realize why only a fool would fail to use the opportunity to and have a ride of their life for petty cash.

To make a long story short, if you want to rent a car in Dubai make sure to check out the One Click Drive and compare the prices before you pick the ride that suits your wants and needs.

The Roads

You should not worry about safety on the road while driving through the streets of Dubai as long as you are qualified to handle the wheels you choose. Namely, the Gulf Tiger’s roads are rated top quality and are as wide as you could imagine, so you should forget about potential traffic jams and reckless drives spreading panic you might have struggled with back home.

Dubai stands for a tourist mecca where both pedestrians and drivers can enjoy themselves to the fullest without worrying about their safety. The driving rules are strict, but transparent and easy to oblige, especially when you consider the quality of driving polygons and carefully marked road signalization.

The Insurance


Even though traffic conditions in Dubai are optimal, accidents do happen, so we recommend you insure yourself as much as you can, regardless of how good behind the wheels you might be. Now, the most standard packages people usually purchase imply the rental company would take care of about 30% of the potential damage.

Naturally, a client can negotiate an alternative deal and buy an additional insurance package and protect themselves even more. If this type of suggestion sounds interesting, we advise you to do your homework and assess whether you should go for daily insurance policies or opt for weekly arrangements.

The Right or Wrong Side of the Road

In case you were wondering about which side is the right side to drive your wheels in Dubai, we should state that people ride on the right, not on the left. If you are coming from the USA or a continental part of Europe, there should be nothing to worry about since the rules are the same, but if you are accustomed to the way of driving vehicles in the UK, then you should prepare yourself for a seemingly upside-down road adventure.

Legal Driving Age Limitations


Even though everyone older than 18 and with a driving license can drive a car across the Gulf Tiger, not everyone can rent it. To do so, you must be at least 21, otherwise, you would need an older companion to do the paperwork for you and accompany you on your driving ventures. 

Always Use Navigation 

No matter how proficient a driver you might be, we urge you to use your GPS device while you ride through the amazing streets of Dubai. The whole city is adequately mapped and the approach should facilitate the experience by far, especially if you consider how hard it might be to get as close to a particular destination as possible. 

Thus, we suggest you invest some time in picking the right app that would do the hard for you and inform you about the best routes and available parking spots in Dubai. 

Hopefully, the aforementioned pieces of information and suggestions will help you rent the ride of your dreams and level up your next Dubai experience. Besides that, the tips should potentiate you to save up some cash you would otherwise waste on taxi fares.

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