6 Smart Car Rental Tips That will Save You Money in 2020

We all needed to rent a car at least once, and some of us do it several times a month. It can simply be an indispensable part of the trip. But it is often expensive and that is why we try to find alternatives that negatively affect our comfort during trips. Yet there is a way to sacrifice neither money nor comfort. With smart car rental tips that will save you money, you can achieve both.

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1.Book as early as possible

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As with anything else, you will get an early booking discount. Of course sometimes an unplanned trip will happen and then you won’t be able to do it. But when you know weeks or months in advance when you need a car rental, there is no reason to wait a few days before the trip and pay much more. You can save over 30% that way, just like with hotels. As you can see on carngo.com, you can make a reservation up to a year in advance. Only laziness and irresponsibility can prevent you from saving money.

2. Compare offers

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Today, when the internet is available to us 24/7, you must compare all the offers available to you if you want to save money. Don’t immediately pick the first company you come across or always choose only the biggest ones. Maybe some local one will offer you the best price. So research all car rental agencies before making a decision.

3. Take photos of the car

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As with any business, in this one you may come across companies which are trying to double-cross you. So as soon as you get the car keys, take a detailed photo of the entire interior and exterior. If you notice any damage, immediately alert those who rented you a car. You will also have evidence in the form of photos that you have not damaged it in any way and that they can’t charge you damages or decline to refund your deposit.

4. Don’t take extras, you don’t need them

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GPS navigation like all other extras, companies usually charge additional. This is completely unnecessary for you because your smartphone has all these options. If you use a dumb phone and often use car rental services, then the best option is to buy your GPS navigation. This way you will save in the long run.

5. Always buy your own fuel

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Always sign the contract so that you will return the car with a full tank. In this way, you will be able to choose where you will buy fuel and you will be incomparably cheaper than having a car rental agency charge you for fuel.

6. Try to avoid one-way rental

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If you do not know what this means, it means that you do not return the car you rented to the original location, but leave it elsewhere. This can more than double your price and should be avoided if it is possible. What you need to check is whether a vehicle that was left somewhere needs to be returned to an agency, and that route suits you. That way you can have a hire car almost for free.


With all these tips, you can save almost double. Then this will not be an expensive option at all, but may even be the same price as if you bought a bus ticket.

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