Tips for Keeping Your Car in Showroom Condition – 2020 Guide

You finally have the car of your dreams, and now it’s time to show off those proverbial fuzzy dice! Your vehicle is your baby, and you want it to shine bright no matter where you go or what you do. We’ve come up with the best of the best when it comes to keeping your car in showroom condition.

Park Smart

Cars are designed to be outside, but you can extend the exterior’s longevity by parking in smart spaces. Avoid parking under trees when possible, to minimize the risk of tree sap or bird feces landing on your car’s surface. 

Parking in a garage or using a fabric cover can protect your paint against sun damage. Using a visor that covers your dashboard during sunny periods protects your interior from sun damage and prevents the car from overheating. 

Drive Smart

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Driving smart is just as important as parking smart. Don’t follow too close behind other drivers, as you run the risk of being sprayed with dirt from their tires. Driving too near to others is also risky because the soil sprayed from their tires may contain rocks that will scratch your car.

Another reason to drive smart is that other drivers don’t always employ that as a strategy. Paying attention to the cars on the road around you will help you stop safely and prevent any collisions that may damage you or your vehicle.

Paint Protection

Investing in paint protection will pay for itself in the long run. The right methods and products will extend the lifetime of the paint on your vehicle. Paint protection provides protection against bird feces, chips from small rocks, and rust. 

Paint protection typically lasts from five to ten years, so it’s a relatively inexpensive method of keeping your car in showroom condition. The money you’ll save from repairing all those scratches and chips justifies the expense you would spend on paint protection. Check this site for some great ideas on how to keep the paintwork intact. 


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It’s a beautiful thing to be living in this day and age, where technology is so readily available. Back-up cameras can help reduce the chance of running into other objects. The rear cameras show you visually what’s behind you, and also feature an audible beep as you get closer, so you don’t hit anything.

Many modern cars come equipped with proximity sensors, which alert you when other objects or vehicles are close to yours. Sensors are a handy feature when you’re driving and trying to switch lanes, as it will tell you if there’s a car in your blind spot.

No Eating

The creation of the carhop normalized eating meals in cars. This habit is convenient but increases the risk of spills on your interior. Ketchup spilling out of burgers or dripping off fries can create a mess that needs to be cleaned quickly, or it runs the risk of staining. The interior of your car deserves to be kept clean and stain free.

Carhops are a beautiful creation, combining the love of food and cars into one sweet deal. However, this activity can be a bad mix when it comes to protecting the interior of a car. It would be less risky to eat outside in the sunshine or inside the restaurant, which we recommend every time.

Wash Regularly

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It’s essential to wash your car regularly using products best suited for the exterior of vehicles. Regular detergents will likely strip the protective waxes from your vehicle, and you should avoid them altogether. Make sure to use a non-abrasive cloth to get a smooth finish. 

Regular washing will make your car look showroom ready at all times. You can prevent debris from sticking to the exterior and causing damage. A separate bucket to rinse your cloth helps prevent your sudsy water from accumulating debris. It’s essential to wash your car regularly so that it’s always looking its best.

Glass Care

A car isn’t complete without that sweet ray of light beaming off the windshield at the perfect angle. Glass care is crucial in maintaining your vehicle in showroom condition, not just for aesthetic but for safety reasons as well. 

We’re not only talking about the windows on the car either; it’s vital that your mirrors remain clean and free of debris. Streaks or spots on a mirror can impact your visibility and skew your perception of the road around you, which could put you in great danger.

Protect Interior

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There’s no better feeling than the smooth, cold seat of a car on a warm day. The interior of your vehicle is what sets the level of luxury and should be clean and free of clutter for maximum showroom readiness. You want to show off every inch of your investment. 

Using the right kind of products to clean your dashboard and seats are essential for keeping your car in showroom condition. Upholstery cleaners and conditioners are necessary when you forget about tip #5 and eat in your vehicle. 

Avoid Automated Washes

Automated car washes should be the perfect solution for keeping your car in showroom condition, but regular use might be doing more harm than good. Automatic washes compensate for not physically touching the vehicle; the detergent is extra strength. The cleanser is maximized to provide the most cleaning power.

In theory, more cleaning power is a brilliant idea, but that could come with the downside of stripping the paint protections and wax from the car. Repeated use of automated car washes will wear down those layers and leave your car vulnerable to the elements and debris.


Keeping your car in showroom condition is a labor of love. It requires time and energy, but there’s a massive ego boost when you’re driving down the street and heads turn to watch you pass. A clean, shiny car with a well-maintained interior is the calling card of a person who takes pride in ownership. Take care of your vehicle, and give it all the attention you can.

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