The Deadly Dangers in Truck Driving Jobs You Probably Didn’t Know

Trucks are a vital part of any country’s economy. Not only do they directly employ drivers and a variety of other types of skilled labor but also, it gets goods moving. From livestock, constriction materials, gasoline, even your last Amazon purchase has to have been in a truck at some point. If trucks are that important, then driving one must be an awesome job. Yeah! It is, the pay is good, and there is undoubtedly no water cooler office politics, you do not see your boss that often, heck! You are sort of your own boss.

Driving a truck is fun off the top of your head. The obvious occupational hazards and long periods spent away from family may seem like the only drawbacks that come job. However, it is a bit more problematic than that.


With Great Power Come Great Responsibility

Basic logic dictates that, if you drive too fast, it becomes hard it is to control a vehicle, the same goes for trucks. The thing with trucks is that they have too much horsepower. Some trucks even come with 21 gears. While this power is vital for hauling heavy goods, things like adverse weather conditions and bad roads can make it challenging for a driver to control a truck, just like a sedan. Controlling something bigger than an ordinary vehicle multiplies the risk factor.

Obesity Is an Occupational Hazard

Okay, not all truck drivers weigh above 400 pounds, but all run the risk of becoming obese. Thanks to the modern convenience of fast-food plus the strict schedule, they have to keep to get you your package fast. Trans fats, too much sugar and sitting down all day culminate in substantial weight gains and the potential of catching other diseases.  Anne from indicates, it is common to find truck drivers having spinal issues.


Road Pirates

Just like in the sea, there are thieves out there on the road who know that tracks carry a lot of precious cargo. In those stories that end well, the driver ends up probably safe or injured. In some cases, the driver does not make it; maybe he saw too much.


Scientists have concluded that male truck drivers ran the risk of becoming sterile. This is attributed to the sitting position a driver takes when he is behind the wheel. Truck drivers sit for very long periods of time and the heat in the cabin gets to the scrotum. Sperm production needs temperatures that are lower than your body. That is why the balls dangle outside the body.

Truck Drivers Are Prone To Addictions

If you had to sit in a trucks cabin all day or all night, chances are you would be bored. The thrill of facing death on a daily basis and persisting with this profession is simply not enough for some people. And, the buzz that comes from the nicotine is not enough. Some truck drivers develop an urge for greater thrills and highs indeed.



Driving a truck is stressful, there is so much that a driver has responsibility over, and they see many bad things as they travel through the roads. The bad is part of life, but when it just keeps piling up day after day, it can break your psyche. To add to that, the truck driver probably lacks a support system, with people to listen to him/her.

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