7 Tips to save your money when you’re a full time Rver

Camping in an RV is the cheapest option around when compared to using natural houses. It also comes with its advantages of mobility as well as social advantages where you can choose who to relate with, where to stay and who neighbors you.

A recreational vehicle will also give you the advantage of staying in a different location at different times of the day, something you can possibly not do when you have booked a hotel room somewhere at the beach or in the park.

An RV is made with all the facilities in it, therefore, making it self contained. It means you can travel in it, sleep in it, cook in it, shower in it and have your cold drink while resting outside. When planning to go camping there are factors you should consider so that you can have a successful time out:

  • Number of people
  • Food budget
  • Fuel budget
  • Where you are visiting
  • Number of days

source: gorving.ca

We all know that finances are all that will fuel your trip. If money is over halfway you will have to drive back home a discouraged lot. This is something no one would wish to go through. As a result, when planning you should have the correct activities that will not drain you financially halfway.

The other thing is to stick to the budget all the time and avoid the YOLO mentality which comes with excitement. Below are the tips that will help you save money during your trip.

  1. Identify the right place.

I know that preferences will definitely control your choices. Destinations will be different in terms of cost. Common knowledge tells us that New York will be expensive than Mobile, Alabama. If at all you are flexible then you should visit the cheaper places.

  1. Go to the free parking spots

Parking fees in RV parks might be expensive and inconvenience your budget. The best thing to do is to avoid such expenses which could eat into your budget. Go for the free parking and save some money. There are apps which can help you find a free park campground.

source: amazonaws.com

  1. Join clubs

When you member yourself in a club you will be getting discounts, social networks, and extended support. These clubs are many in town in case you are new to the RV world. They will help you access discounted campground and even gardens where you will spend as low as $30 to park.

  1. Learn to do some basic handy work

The only sure thing when using RVs is that you will get one or two breakages. Basically, something is going to get spoiled. Could be changing a tire, roof leakage, electric faults or sewage system failure. These things are simple to fix but could cost you a lot to hire someone to fix them for you.

  1. Cook from the RV

The RV has a kitchen which is ready to cook and you have done shopping for the kitchen. The only wise thing to do is to cook from the RV. Remember you used the money to buy these things and get the kitchen. Buying food from outside will be an extra cost which should be avoided.

source: followyourdetour.com

  1. Shop well for fuel

Trust me all RVs are fuel guzzlers. Even the smallest. When shopping for fuel you should use apps like GasBuddy to get the cheapest gas station around you so that you can save some money. Again not all stations are big enough to fuel your RV.

  1. Stay in one location for some time

Avoid moving from one location to another before you have even had enough. This will save your fuel a lot and reduce your expenditure. Remember we are avoiding cutting short the holiday. For more deep researched inormation, I recommend you to visit rvside.com.

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