4 things to look for When Buying an Off-Road Motorcycle

Whenever someone is buying a new vehicle, no matter how big or small, it is an exciting albeit a challenging experience. There are too many things that should seriously be considered as well as aspect that you never thought would come into play. To make matters even more difficult, the more specialized the vehicle and the more personal your expectations and plans for it, the harder it is to pick the right one.

For the purposes of this article we will focus on our favorite two-wheelers, motorcycles. But not just any motorcycles. Right here and now we are talking about shopping for a brand new off-road variant. People buy them for different reasons and not all of them actually want to ride it off the beaten path and enjoy all they bring to the table. There are those who simply like how they look and how they ride and prefer them to the regular road bikes.

Whatever the reason for your buying, you have to sit down and plan out what kind of a bike you want and what is important to you. Since you are reading this article though we assume that things are harder than you expected and you are having troubles narrowing it down or even knowing what to look for. Worry not as we are here to help and tell you about the most important things to look for when buying an off-road motorcycle. To learn more information about motorcycles as well as to browse through an amazing selection of off-road models, make sure to check out bike.net/en/Motoland.

1. Sturdiness and Durability

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It is difficult really to judge how durable or sturdy a motorcycle will be based on the pictures or even in person. It mostly has to do with the materials and the brand you are looking at. If you are completely unexperienced you will definitely want to seek professional help and consult with some experts. If you are an avid motorcycle fan who has changed at least a few bikes already, you can more easily judge everything around the bike. During the test ride, if possible and it definitely should be, you will be able to tell how well it handles the off-road conditions. Experience plays a major factor here too, and again, if you are a newbie you will need a stronger motorcycle that is capable of handling and not punishing mistakes the newcomers tend to make.

2. Riding Style

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This is more tuned for experienced riders who have been riding motorcycles for years. Each person has a different riding style, which is a combination of many factors. From your height and weight to how tightly you grip the handles and control the bike with your legs, it all comes down to the general riding style you have. You could be a more aggressive rider or a more neutral or safety-oriented one. Do you hang off the sides of the bike when you turn and how well can you control it in somewhat dangerous situations? Is speed more important to you, acceleration perhaps, or the fact that you can get anywhere on it? Aggressive types are usually good at off-roading because they do not mind the discomfort and even pain from going over rough terrain. Therefore, if you like it, opt for a true off-road bike that is meant for the toughest places there are and the one which can take on anything you throw at it. In case you want the experience but still have some comfort and downtime, opt for a comfier motorcycle that can pass as a hybrid between an off-roader and a regular road bike. A larger and softer seat, more natural riding position, and increased stability should do you fine.

3. Off-Road Equipment and Accessories

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Not all motorcycles come equipped with the necessary things for your trip. While it does matter a lot where you plan to go and how long you mean to stay, bikes differ in the size of their compartments, extra equipment that keep certain things safer, as well as accessories that can be the difference maker in tough situations. If you strictly plan to go off-roading and jump over hills and rocks, you need a true motocross model, a machine made to tackle anything that goes under its wheels. On the other hand, if you plan to go camping or hiking somewhere far away from the city and in untouched nature, you basically need a vehicle to get to and from there. For those situations the off-roader you need should be bulkier, more reliable, and able to carry more. Think about the type of fun you want to have with your new motorcycle and then decide what kind of a model you truly need. If you like the vibe of off-road machines but have no plans to ride them in their natural environment, you can literally get any model you like.

4. Riding Solo or Taking Someone

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Last but not least, you have to think about other people in your life as well. Solo riders who do not share their passion with anyone have it easy and they do not have to think about the comfort, safety, and pleasure of their passenger. However, if you have a significant other who also like adventure but prefers to ride in the back, you have to buy a bike that can accommodate them comfortably and not compromise anything. Off-roading is difficult to do on a motorcycle with a passenger, but not impossible. It is mostly reserved to going over rough terrain and off the beaten path to get to a certain destination like camping grounds, a cottage, or a hidden natural spot like a spring or a vantage point. For those situations you can browse off-road motorcycles that can handle long travels and adventures instead of jumps, sharp turns, and agile movement. So no motocross for you if you plan to have a passenger, but something more on the lines of larger Dakar inspired bikes with tons of room for both another person and their belongings.

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