Tips for Negotiating with a Mercedes Benz Dealership

When you are going to get either a new, or new to you car, it can easily become a very invigorating experience. In fact, for most people who are going to be car shopping, the entire process of purchasing a car is potentially going to rank right up with the experience of visiting the dentist or even paying your taxes. However, luckily for you, when you are able to follow a few simple steps, you will be able to make the entire car buying experience much smoother than you would ever think possible, especially when you are thinking about getting a Mercedes-Benz from

Just know that when it does come to purchasing a new or new to you car, the best thing that you are going to be able to do in order to help yourself as much as possible is to be prepared. Knowing exactly what type of Mercedes-Benz you are planning on getting and knowing exactly how you are going to purchase of finance the car is going to be a huge help when it finally comes time to buy your new car. On top of that, if you are aware of the more common tricks that car dealers try to use, you will be much better situated to negotiate the absolute best price for what is soon going to be your new Mercedes-Benz.

Here are some of the best tips for negotiating your new Mercedes-Benz.

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Remember that Knowledge is Power

There has been no ever time throughout the history of automobiles where the consumer is going to have so much information available to them about the car that they are potentially thinking about buying. Not only are you able to discover the price of the Mercedes that you are looking at, but you will also be able to discover all of the features and any type of financing that you may need to get if you are deciding to go that route.

Always Know that There is More Than One Dealer

The absolute worst thing that you can do whenever you are shopping for a Mercedes-Benz is going to be only going to one dealer when you are looking for your car. When you shop around multiple dealerships, there is a much better chance that you will be able to get a great deal, which is going to be even truer if you let the car salesman that you are in the process of shopping around where you are going to purchase your Mercedes from.


Never Focus on the Payment

When it comes to car salespeople, they are going to do everything in their power to keep you focused on whatever the monthly payment is going to be. It is very easy to convince you that you are getting a great deal whenever you are only going to be looking at a single number. What you should be doing instead when you are going to be purchasing or leasing a Mercedes-Benz, is to pay attention to the total price of the car including financing.

Buying Stock

Models that are in stock are easier to get a discount on from the dealership. It’s actually quite easy to see if a particular model is on a discount, all you have to do is simply look at how many models are present at the dealership.

Whenever you’re thinking about heading to the Mercedes dealership, the newest models will be on display. These are also models that the dealership has bought from the parent company in stock, on credit. 

The thing here is that the credit has an interest rate, and the rate of interest is the operating cost for the dealership in question. The dealer is also more motivated to sell each model as soon as possible, and because of it, you have more chance of scoring a discount on the model.

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Every parent company gives each dealership strict sales quotas at the end of each month. What this means is that each dealership has to meet a specific sales number before the end of the month. 

If they don’t meet the specific number of sales, then a potential backhander could come into play from the parent company. This will effectively come in the form of a fine because they haven’t done a good job selling their product on the respective market. 

So, the best way to get a discount on your purchase is to head at the end of the month. If they haven’t met the strict minimal sales quota, then chances are they will give you a hefty discount on your purchase. This is probably the soundest strategy, as this is the moment the dealership is most desperate for selling one of their models.

Number of Vendors

If there is only a single Mercedes-Benz dealer in your country, then your chances or lowering a price are drastically slim, since they have a full monopoly of the business. 

It is a common sight that there would be only a single Mercedes seller dealer in your country; this excludes most of the bigger and larger countries in the world. However, this effectively means that the particular seller has all the negotiating power, with the only exclusion being the before mentioned factor.

Buying a Mercedes from a country that only has a single seller is a flawed way of conducting business. You have zero leeway, while the seller has all of it.


The More the Merrier 

When buying a car, it’s better for everyone to fight for your money, then to be left with a single seller. With multiple sellers fighting for your business, the chances or someone offering you’re the lowest price is almost inevitable. When you got options to choose from, those options will fight to accommodate you. This is almost impossible when a single dealership is playing monopoly with the market. 

Also, you shouldn’t give two rats which seller wins, all that matters is that you get your Mercedes for the lowest possible price out there. 

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