Everything you Should Know About Nano Ceramic Coating

Nano ceramic coating has become a very important part of every car enthusiast’s life. Using nanotechnology and the power of ceramic coating, it is the best in the category to help you in keeping your car clear from the harmful effects of dust, UV rays, and a lot more. You can now keep your car’s exterior looking fresh even after multiple years if you adopt the use of the nano-ceramic coating and make it a part of your car care routine. The application of nano ceramic coatings has taken the car care industry by storm, and automobile manufacturers have also picked up on this trend; some companies sell nano-ceramic coatings as part of their vehicle care packages. The use of these nano ceramic coatings is pretty simple: You can either spray them on your car’s surface or apply them using a brush. Now, this is not all that you can do with it. You can also use a car wax such as ceramic coating to get even more benefits out of this material. Some of the good things that you can do with the Nano ceramic coating are:

  • The finish is really resistant to scratches, dust, and UV rays.
  • It is easy to apply and comes in beautiful colors such as black or white.
  • It is made out of high-quality materials that help it last longer than regular car care products.

Key Products for Nano Ceramic Coating

There are multiple products that you can choose from when it comes to nano ceramic coating, each with its own set of benefits and application details. Here are a few of them:

Nasiol NL272

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A small 50 mL bottle of Nasiol NL272 is one of the most famous products in the category. With its durability standing at 5+ years and its ability to keep your car scratch-free for a long period of time, it has gained popularity among people who love to detail their cars. This 50 mL bottle can handle application up to an SUV and needs only 60 to 90 minutes to be completely applied to your vehicle. However, you need to ensure that you follow the steps provided in the manual that comes along with this product so that you can have a high-impact glossy finish that can keep your car safe for an extended duration.

Nasiol ZR53

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If you are looking for something slightly less expensive to keep your car safe, then the Nasiol ZR53 is a very viable option, which is durable for 3+ years. It belongs to the same category of nano ceramic coating and can help you in giving your car a silky feel even after years of exposure to dirt and other harmful elements. Its 10H protection formula for the surface makes it a strong contender in this space.

PPF Guard

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As the name suggests, the PPF Guard is a vital product to keep your paint protection films healthy. Over years, exposure to harmful UV rays, dirt, and water, your car’s paint protection film can deteriorate, paying way to damages to the paint and easy scratches. To avoid this possible outcome, it is usually recommended by professional detailers to use a product like PPF Guard to keep everything intact.

Nasiol NeoCoatX

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Another major product that has proven to be remarkable is the Nasiol NeoCoatX which is famous for its ease of use because of its flexible and low flashing time which is around 2-3 minutes. This key feature makes it a very good option for end users and detailing enthusiasts alike. The product can create durability worth up to 1 year with a double coat and up to 6 months with a single coat. This is a low-cost alternative to other options and can be a good option for someone who wants to get a feel of the entire car detailing process.

In short, there are multiple products available for nano ceramic coating that can help in keeping your car’s surface safe from external damaging factors and it is a wise decision to start using them based on a detailing expert’s advice so that your car can remain glossy and up to the mark at all times. These products are available as a liquid and can be applied with either a brush or a spray.

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