What is the Purpose of Ceramic Pro Coating?

Your car’s paint job is not just one layer of colour. The painting process actually starts with a primer, involves one or more layers of coloured paint and ends with a protective clear coat. Together, these layers protect the paint and enable it to last through a range of environmental elements. But ceramic pro coating your vehicle’s surface adds an extra layer of protection and ensures your car retains its showroom quality for years to come.

 Although ceramic pain on your car adds another layer to its exterior, this extra barrier is not visible to the naked eye. The invisibility is due to the nanotechnology inherent in the design. Besides being undetectable to the eye, this new skin bonds to the vehicle, providing extreme hydrophobic properties and resisting damage caused by scratches, UV rays, chemical penetration and intense heat. Learn more about ceramic coating for cars, trucks and SUVs, below.

Why apply the ceramic coating?

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The ceramic pro coating improves your vehicle’s paint shine. It provides an extra layer of protection against the elements and external effects like scratches, nicks, UV fading everyday wear-and-tear. Because it lasts for two to three years, you only need to apply it periodically to gain these benefits over the lifetime of your car.

 The benefits of ceramic paint start with paint protection. But you also gain a fantastic shine that makes maintaining your car’s new appearance so much easier. The ceramic paint keeps brake dust from adhering to your car’s exterior with a shine that lasts longer than wax and offers built-in UV protection. It also prevents nature’s surprises from damaging your vehicle’s paint, such as bug splatters, bird droppings and tree sap.

 Without this protection, even washing your car damages the paint. You leave swirl marks and light scratches behind when cleaning your car’s exterior. These look like spider webbing and only grow worse over time. Waxing certainly helps protect the paint and clear coat, but that process requires a lot of elbow grease and only lasts a few months at most.

 A ceramic pro application is much more effective and longer-lasting than a DIY ceramic option. Often called a quartz coating, the professional application gains its quartz-strength hardening effect from silicon dioxide, its main ingredient. This material bonds to your car’s paint and provides an outer shell that reduces oxidation, dirt attachment and even swirls marks from washing. The shell also prevents UV rays from damaging your paint, keeping your car looking as vibrant as the day you first bought it.

Professional Application Is Critical

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You need a professional application of your ceramic coating. A trained and certified professional understands the critical attributes of the product and how to make it most useful. The process typically only costs about $300 and requires just one to five days for completion. The amount of time required varies according to your vehicle’s paint condition.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating for Cars, Trucks and SUVs

 The offer of many benefits for vehicles of all types, from cars, trucks and SUVs to motorcycles applies with this product. Below are the benefits:

Hydrophobic Protection

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 With extreme water repellent qualities, nanotechnology-based ceramic coating whisks water off the surface of your vehicle. This starts with water beading. The beads then slide off of the car, keeping mud and dirt from sticking in its place. Being water repellent also makes your vehicle easier to keep clean.

Mud and Dirt Repellent

 In geographies where ice and snow regularly occur, keeping a car clean is a nightmare. But nano-ceramics do not allow snow or ice to stick to the surface of your car. As said before, rain and water bead up and slide off. Mud and dirt likewise fall away, instead of sticking to the vehicle’s surface, causing damage and making your car look dirty.

UV Damage and Oxidation Protection

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 Ceramic coating for vehicles keeps UV rays from oxidizing the paint. This oxidation occurs when paint chemicals break down and dry out, causing fading and dullness. The weathering results also cause the paint to deteriorate. But ceramic coating protects your vehicle’s surface while adding a distinctive shine.


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 Ceramic paint application adds strength to your car’s surface, bonding with the paint’s molecular structure. Through this tight bond, the coating adds protective qualities that last for years.

Things Ceramic Coating Cannot Do

 Knowing what these products offer for your vehicle’s protection is essential. Equally important is knowing what they do not do. Obviously, your car will not stop bullets after the installation. But maintenance is undoubtedly easier, and your vehicle looks better longer.

Ceramic coatings do not prevent scratches

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 Although ceramic coatings resist some scratches, it does not make your car scratch-proof. The extra layer coats your paint and provides the first barrier of defence against such threats. This strong barrier can help maintain your paint’s best condition, but it does not prevent typical damage from scratches, rock chips and dings. If you drive through the brush, you can expect better resistance to scratching than just with paint and clear coat, alone. The same is true if an animal jumps onto your vehicle. But the major impact can still damage the paint.

Nano-coatings are not maintenance-free

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 Your car is not maintenance-free after the application. Your vehicle will still need washing, and it will even look dirty after exposure to dust, dirt, mud, weather effects and other elements. But the nano-coating reduces the amount of time it takes for you to perform this maintenance. It also reduces your need to wax your vehicle.

Ceramic coating is not permanent

 Ceramic coating lasts two to three years. Through a semi-permanent bond with your car’s paint, it sticks to the surface of your vehicle and does not wash off. But after a few years, you need to reapply the coating with the help of a professional applicator, such as the friendly staff at calgarypaintprotectionfilm.ca.

The ceramic coating does not “gloss” your car’s finish

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 If your vehicle has a faded paint job, you will not improve the appearance of the paint after ceramic applications. You need to prep the vehicle’s paint job before the application of the nano-coating, for the best results. If your paint shows damage now, coating with ceramic merely locks the damage under the protective layer.

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