Accessories You Can Use to Modernize Your Old Car

Things get older much faster in today’s world due to fast innovation and new technologies releasing every day. The same goes for cars; In the 1900s, car makers released a newer model every three to five years. But, releasing a new model is an annual affair nowadays.

Just a seven-year-old car feels much older these days. However, you can modernise your beloved car with simple tweaks and aftermarket modifications.

Your old car may not look so much like the newer models, but you can modernise the interiors and add modern functionality to your old vehicle with aftermarket accessories. You can do this at a fraction of the cost of a new car.

Aftermarket retailers and manufacturers like PerformanceHeaven have a wide range of modern accessories that can enhance the look and functionality of any old car. Moreover, if you have little experience in car modification, you can do these mods at home. More information you can find here.

By adding such accessories to your car, you will save a lot of money and get to enjoy the convenience of new features.

1. Backup camera


Out of all the features in a car, a backup camera proves to be the best when you are trying to park in tight spots. Especially if you have a pickup truck or a long sedan, a backup camera can prove beneficial and prevent you from scratching your bumper while parking.

Prices of a backup camera vary from as low as $50 to $200, depending on the features and other factors.

Before selecting the backup camera, peruse through the installation instructions as some cameras require drilling into the bumper.

2. Digital Dash


This is an accessory that many car enthusiasts love. If you have an ECU chip or other electronic modifications installed in your car, you need a digital dash to monitor vehicle performance and diagnostic data.

The screen size typically ranges from seven inches to eleven inches, depending on the car’s model, and some have touch inputs to navigate through the menu.

Besides displaying performance diagnostics, a digital dash system denotes the speed, fuel capacity, and RPM. Unlike the traditional dash console, you can change the colour and themes of a digital dash.

These digital dash units made by manufacturers like PowerTune Digital also come equipped with a built-in GPS.

3. Blindspot warning and cross-traffic alert.


If you install radar sensors in your car, you can reap the benefits of the two most sought-after features; blindspot warning and cross-traffic alert.

The blindspot monitoring feature notifies you if there is a car or truck in your blind area. In crowded parking lots, even a rear backup camera may fail to detect an approaching vehicle.

On the other hand, Cross-traffic alert systems warn you when a car is coming, even if it is out of sight. This is another update that may necessitate the services of an electronics professional.

4. Infotainment Systems


There is nothing better than a high-definition touch screen console to add a flair of modernity to your car. You can get these infotainment systems for as low as $300.

However, the versions that connect to your smartphone through Apple CarPlay and Android Auto may cost a bit more.

Smart infotainment systems have music applications, internet connectivity and GPS built-in. In addition, some infotainment systems can stream Netflix and other OTT platforms while the car is idling.

Pair the infotainment system with high-quality speakers to improve your overall music experience in the car.

5. Dash Cam


A dashcam is a necessary security feature you must have in your car. These cameras record everything in front of you and store the footage in an SD card.

If you are ever in an accident, dashcam footage will come in very handy for insurance and legal purposes. It makes it easier to determine what actually happened and who caused the accident.

Other than these essential modern car accessories, you can add ventilated seats, ambient lighting and a sunroof to your car. Before buying any product, ensure you read the description thoroughly to assess if the product is compatible with your car’s model.

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