The Pros and Cons of DIY Windshield Repair Kits

Doesn’t it feel like your whole schedule and day changes when you get a crack in your windshield? One moment you are on the way to your son’s baseball game, and the next, you are on the phone with your nearest auto glass repair shop. This unscheduled problem leads many people to try to solve the auto glass repair themselves. If you’re wondering if you can repair your windshield crack or shatter, we are going to discuss some of the pros and cons of doing that. Keep reading to learn if using a DIY windshield repair kit is something you should tackle on your own.

There are several reasons many choose to tackle an auto glass repair on their own. Sometimes this is because of time, and other times it might be concerning money or other resources. Whatever your reason, here are some of the pros in tackling and auto glass repair on your own with a DIY kit.

Some of The Pros

• The Cost


It’s no secret that a DIY kit is going to be more affordable than hiring a professional auto glass installer. You can find these kits at many auto parts stores or even purchase them online. If you’re worried strictly about cost, a DIY kit is one of the most affordable options. Typically, DIY kits come with easy-to-follow instructions to help ensure that each step of the installation process is completed properly.

• Fairly Easy

DIY windshield repair kits typically come with everything you need to do your repair. There are instructions and online tutorials to help you with any learning curve you might need. If you’ve never done one of these repairs before, with a resin kit, the instructions should give you enough direction, even if you consider yourself an amateur. It’s recommended to watch online videos and read through any instructions thoroughly before starting the installation process to be sure you are completely comfortable with each step. This is also a great way to be sure you have all the necessary materials and tools.

• Convenience


One of the biggest struggles to having your auto glass repair is scheduling time to do it. If you’re working with a very busy shop that has limited resources, you may have to wait for an appointment time. Similarly, if you have a busy schedule, it might be hard to get this repair done. When you use a DIY kit, you are working on your time frame and can repair it when it works best for you. If completing the job with a DIY kit, it’s important to check the weather forecast for the anticipated installation timeframe, to be sure you will have time to complete the job and let the glass adhesive cure.

• Preventative

Whether you are short on money or time to have a professional handle your repair, A DIY kit can act as a preventative measure. It’s a great option until you have the resources to hire a professional auto glass shop. Many chips or small cracks can get worse without some type of preventive measure.

There are plenty of instances where doing your own auto glass repairs can result in a bad outcome. It’s important to understand the full scope of tackling this project on your own by using a DIY kit and some of the things that can go wrong. When you choose to complete glass repairs at home, it can cause future issues with your vehicle warranty or insurance coverage. It’s important to research both the pros and cons of having your glass professionally replaced before making any final decisions.

• Void Warranty


Auto insurers and vehicle warranties get pretty picky about auto repairs and what they will and will not cover. Often, a DIY repair will void your vehicle’s warranty, which could leave you financially responsible for any future repairs. This also includes any personal injuries that result from your DIY fix. It’s best to use a reputable Auto Glass shop that also covers Fair Labor with a 100% warranty.

• DIY Mistakes

While DIY repairs are great, they can often come with mistakes that are hard to recover from. This is especially true with an auto glass repair. Each step of the auto glass installation or repair process is crucial to the functionality and longevity of the final product. There is no fixing a botched DIY auto glass mishap. You will either have to live with that mistake or have your windshield replaced.

• Limited Repair


DIY kits are fine for small chips or tiny cracks, but they cannot repair a major crack or shatter. Professional auto glass installers can repair several larger cracks or spider web shatters due to the equipment and tools they have. Trying to replace large glass issues at home can cause further damages to your windshield which can lead to large expenses in the future. Keep in mind, a major crack in your windshield doesn’t always lead to having a full replacement. Read more on this website.

• Longevity

The materials and tools that are used in professional auto glass shops are vastly different than those used in a DIY kit. Therefore, the materials in DIY kits don’t typically last very long by comparison. DIY kits are a good temporary solution for an otherwise long-term problem. When you choose to have your glass serviced by a licensed, professional company like Windshield Replacement Mesa, you are guaranteed to receive the highest quality materials available to the area. It’s tempting to pay less out of pocket upfront for glass replacement but overall, a higher quality material will last and function longer than a cheaper installation option.

We hope you found this list of pros and cons when using DIY windshield repair kits helpful. We know that having an auto glass repair is one of the most annoying problems in maintaining your vehicle. Professionals such as Mesa’s Windshield Replacement are trying to make the process as simple as possible, affordable, and as easy on your schedule. Do not risk repairing it yourself. Let a professional do it!

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