5 Best Cars to Customise with Body Kits 2020

Every year, car manufacturers update their models both on the inside and the outside. The year 2020 is not an exception. However, no matter how sleek or handsome a car is, there seems to be something that’s always missing. Or is it just your inner car head that tells you to muscle it up more?

Nonetheless, if you aren’t satisfied with the look of your car, then this calls for a car customisation!
There’s no better way to smarten up your car with body kits. The new sleek fenders or the head-turning spoilers will surely bring the most out of your ride and will have everyone marveling at your beautiful car.

In this piece, our car whiz friends at AusBody Works tell us some of the best cars in Australia to tinker with. The cars in this list are the most popular in the country, so it’s likely that you’ll see your ride here.
First up!

1. Ford Mustang

Source: pexels.com

While the raw Ford Mustang is already sleek and buffed up in itself, you can still equip it with the right body kits if you really want to steal the scene. What’s best about customizing the newest Mustang is that you can either go for style of performance upgrades. Or even both!

Ford has made sure that it will be easier to upgrade because they understand the high every car enthusiasts experience when they tinker their car.

The ROUSH R8 Aero Kit, specifically the Rear Valance Aero Foil, is the best fit on your Mustang. It will prep your ride for the racetrack. You can also add spoilers, diffusers, and scoops according to your preference.

2. Toyota 86 / Subaru BRZ

Source: autoblog.com

You can say that Australians have loved the Toyota 86 since its introduction. This shows on the road where you can see that almost all Toyota 86 models were smartened up to make it look more aggressive.

But make no mistake. The Toyota 86 is not just for show. Even though it’s relatively cheaper than most of its competitors, this model is a fast car at heart. And a speedy ride deserves to stand out.

Steal the show with speed and style with this Rocket Bunny Kit or spruce it up differently with Tommy Kaira which exhibits a more VIP look and feel.

3. Volkswagen Golf Mk 7

Source: maxtondesign.com

This Volkswagen is a great way to get you introduced to the world of car remodelling and customization. It’s an all-around ride whose style can jump from elegant, to aggressive, to sporty.
Muscle it up with an ASPEC PPV400 kit and expect a dynamic and bold-looking car with improved road stability.

4. Mazda MX-5 Miata

Source: superstreetonline.com

The Mazda MX-5 Miata is one of the most customized cars in the scene. It may be structurally small but its potential is limitless. When it comes to performance, it can take on any challenging course, whether it’s the road course, an autocross, or even the drift tracks.

It’s already big on performance, and certainly the appearance must make a huge impression, too. Style it with the aggressive looking Mazdaspeed body kit so people won’t even notice how small your ride is.

5. Honda Civic

Source: b92.net

Like the Volkswagen Golf Mk 7, the Honda Civic is also one of the best rides that will introduce you to the scene. With its relatively simple design, there’s a lot of customisations that you can do.

Honda Civic Type R, for example, sports a simple yet sleek design which is easier to upgrade. So if you own a Civic and want to get a feel of what it’s like to be a true car head, bring that ride to any shop and we’re sure they can give you a lot of options.

These rides are only some of the best cars of 2020 that will totally rock a newly installed body kit. And there are more beauties out there that deserve attention.

If you own one of these handsome models, or any car that you want muscled up, here’s a little heads up. You might need to break your bank a little. Because car customization is not a cheap hobby. But don’t worry. Once you got your car all spruced up, you’ll know it’s worth every penny.

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