How Augmented Reality is Changing the World of Cars in 2020

Oakland’s reality is the kind of technology that can translate virtual information into the physical environment, and it’s very soon going to be in a car showroom close to you. There are a number of car dealerships around the world right now who are experimenting with new technological developments like for augmented reality and drive sales and ultimately improve customer service.

What is Augmented Reality?

It’s crucial to examine what comes together under Augmented Reality framework to truly understand how AR is transforming the automotive industry. AR is much more than simply a way to indulge oneself in the media or a video game.

Augmented Reality is a technical breakthrough that transforms the way we communicate with the world around us altogether. Basically, AR presents an automated virtual information onto our standard first-person perspective in the form of graphics, photos or text. This can be achieved via adaptive technology, such as headphones or gloves, or through projection.

While some wearable technology allows us to have more exposure to our digital lives, AR supplies the consumer with complete engagement that is not possible from a smartwatch or tablet. This means, in real time, you control your digital and natural knowledge concurrently.

Benefits of virtual reality for drivers


The driver will have a complete view of what they need without even turning their face instead of looking at their mobile or around the car for important details. It has the potential to enhance protection and creativity in the automotive sector as a whole.

For instance, by intentionally displaying a video stream of any obstacles in the back window, augmented reality can enable drivers to have better blind-spot exposure. Furthermore, AR and VR help consumers make more informed decisions about purchasing their vehicles. Certain advantages include:

The improved buying experience in the dealership, enhanced security measures, Better efficiency, Simplified maintenance changes, and upgrades.

Not only is AR allowing car brands to make decent vehicles at a cheaper cost, but for those behind the seat to make every trip smoother & safer.

Where the driver can see signs for road conditions and crashes ahead of time, defensive driving is much more effective. Drivers are able to do these things without really noticing it. Instead, they can do this by viewing driving alerts and instructions in their unimpeded line of sight.

Here is a detailed view how augmented reality is changing the world of cars, keep on reading to explore!

Using Augmented Reality in Car Retail

When you go to take a look at the car you’re considering buying, you are usually either able to sit in it and inspect the interior, or take it for a test drive. Now, with technology like augmented reality, you can go one step further, and imagine what it might look like sitting in your driveway through 3D imaging. In fact, the technology is so advanced, that you would be able to walk right around the car, and even see into the interior, all without seeing it in person.

It offers a unique and intriguing opportunity to try the vehicle before you buy it, without even having to leave the comfort of your own home. car dealerships can integrate augmented reality on their website so that prospective car buyers can benefit from the entire experience online.

How This Technology is Being Implemented


One car company in particular, Jaguar Land Rover, is currently making the most of this technology to allow their clients to virtually test drive their cars. Once you have clicked through on the banner ad on their website, your virtual experience of the car’s interior begins. you will also be able to use hotspots on your screen where you can click for more information about the car in general.

Another way that augmented reality can benefit how car dealerships operate and sell cars is to drive sales conversions and improve the sales process in general. Once you are inside the car showroom , you have the freedom to change the color of the car, or smaller details to suit your personal preferences.

Helping Outside the Dealership As Well

AR for cars isn’t just being used inside the car showroom. On the street, the average consumer can use this type of technology to scan a car that they see so that they can pull up information about features and price, as well as find out where they can purchase it from. This can be used to speed up the process of buying a car, and the client’s financial data can be used to provide personal insurance quotes and financing.

Augmented reality can be beneficial after you have purchased your dream car as well. RelayCars can step in to educate car owners about how they should be taking care of their car, as well as when it needs to be serviced, and what they can do to properly maintain it.

How Augmented Reality Has Been Used in Retail


Audi is the first car company to create a completely digital car showroom, which they call Audi City. Potential car owners can take a look around, choose the car that they like the look of, and customize it so that they can imagine what it would look like if they were to take it home.

Toyota has also come to the fore with this brand new technology. It has created an app that can be used on an iPad, where buyers can check out the interior of their vehicle models. The app can even overlay the interior onto a real car so that the potential client can see what it might look like and how it might work. It also comes with hotspots, so that clients can learn more about relevant features, including motor, battery and fuel economy.

Augmented reality has been able to bring an interactive, hands-on experience to the automotive industry, as customers struggle to find the model that they want at the physical dealership. Get online to check out your next car, and see how easy it is to envision it in your driveway.

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