Best Features to Look for in Car Models for 2020 Reviewed

As the years go by, technology is becoming more advanced. This can be noticed in our everyday life and the automobile industry is not left out. While the advancement in automobile technology has been on for a long time, not a lot of people notice it because of the sublime nature of this advancement.

Now, when we talk advancements in automobile technology, we do not imply that cars will begin flying. While the production of flying cars cannot be ruled out, it might not necessarily take place in 2020. However, in 2020, there will be lots of automobile advancements which will be focused majorly on safety and partly on fuel efficiency. While there are lots of advancements to look out for, there are certain features that are most likely to come with car models for 2020 and all car lovers should be aware of these features.

That being said, let’s walk through some of the features to expect in car models for 2020

Lots of Cars will Use Carbon Fibers


Cars are gradually becoming a lot lighter than they used to be. The gradual reduction in the weight of cars is one feature that will be pronounced in car models for 2020. In 2020, cars will not make use of heavy steals, neither will they be built with aluminum. Rather, cars will be manufactured with the use of carbon fiber which is durable, strong and lightweight.

With the use of carbon fibers, cars will not only weigh less, but they will also have better fuel economy.

Cars will have All-round Views

Rearview cameras have been around for quite a while. They, however, cannot be found on all cars. While this might not look so bad, issues of cars being manufactured without rear-view cameras will come to an end in 2020. This is because there is a huge likelihood that rear-view cameras will become the standard.

Although lots of cars already possess rear-view cameras, more cars will make use of rear-view cameras that are more advanced. Also, there will be widespread availability of cheap rear-view cameras.

Cars will Possess Warning Guides


2020 is not the year when your car will move without you being in control. It is, however, the year you will be able to encounter fewer accidents because technology will make your driving experience a lot safer. While this is a lot bigger than many think, in 2020, lots of cars will make use of collision-mitigation systems which will sense danger approaching with the use of radar.

At the moment collision-mitigation systems do not just spot danger. They do more than that. When a possible collision is spotted, this system influences your braking system and makes it a lot more effective. Also, it could make your seat belt tighter and brake on its own accord.

Furthermore, in 2020, it will be a lot difficult to move out of your lane when driving as lots of cars will make use of lane-departure warning systems to keep your car moving in its lane. With this, stories of cars straying off their lanes and running into other cars will be greatly reduced.

Night Vision and Pedestrian Detection


In 2020, drivers will not have to depend on their headlamps for everything when moving in the night. This is because lots of cars will feature night vision which will make it possible for drivers to spot obstacles in their path even if such objects are not picked up by their headlamps. This is possible because lots of cars will make use of technology which either amplifies any form of light or detects infrared light.

That’s not all. Also, in 2020, lots of cars will make use of pedestrian detection system which will make a car brake automatically as soon as a pedestrian is noticed in the car’s path. While this system can be trusted to keep drivers out of trouble, it will only work if the car is moving slower than 22 miles per hour. With a speed of 222 miles per hour and above, it will be impossible for a car that is making use of pedestrian detection to avoid knocking down a pedestrian that is in the car’s path.

Inter-Vehicle Communication

In animations, cars can talk to each other. It, however, is impossible for cars to talk with each other as they are non-living things. Although there is no guarantee that cars will ever be able to communicate verbally, in 2020, cars will be able to communicate. This is because American automobile giants, Ford is expected to build vehicles that will be able to recognize vehicles that surround them. This will go a long way in preventing accidents of various kinds. While there is a likelihood that cars will be able to communicate by 2020, it is going to take a longer period for these technological advancements to become the norm.

Easy Cruising


In 2020 lots of cars will make use of an adaptive cruise control system. This system will make it possible to maintain a cruise speed for a long enough period. Adaptive cruise control systems will make use of radar to help cars stay as far away from the car in front as possible so that drivers do not need to constantly step on their brakes. While there really is no issue with stepping on the brake, doing this too frequently while driving will affect a car’s cruising speed.

Although certain cars such as recent BMWs and Audis are already making use of these technology, in 2020, more cars are going to incorporate it and it will be difficult to see a new car that does not feature easy cruising.

Advanced Engines

It is not a break from the norm for cars to undergo advancement on a daily basis. Although cars are getting more technologically advanced as the days go by, in 2020, more hybrid cars will be sold.

Furthermore, transmissions which make use of an increased number of gears will be made. While these transmissions can make a car look more advanced, it will also go a long way in helping cars become more conservative with the consumption of fuel.




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