Can You Still Maintain Your Car on a Budget in 2024?

While purchasing a car can take a toll on your finances, shelling out money for your four-wheeler does not just end at that. You need to think about repairs, maintenance, down payments, additional tests and checks, along with the regular wear and tear.

The majority of car owners assume that as long as they get the occasional oil change and look at a full-tank refill capacity, they are on top of their car maintenance game. However, if you want to make sure your vehicle starts without creating a ruckus every morning, you need to look into more than just these two factors.

What’s more is if you ignore getting your car maintained well, it can damage your vehicle further, and to a greater extent than you realize, further depleting your finances. When you are on a budget, your spending is tight, and you would consider every purchase before making it. It can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. Here are some steps you can follow to stay in line with your budget and look after your car optimally.

The cost of maintaining a car every year


One of the first steps to handle before purchasing the vehicle is making sure you can afford it. There is a list of costs that come when making the purchase more than just the initial price, the maintenance and monthly payments can sometimes be quite challenging.

Understand what the short and long term expenses of your potential vehicle are going to be like before signing a purchase agreement. When you know the average cost of your vehicle, you will have an idea of the budget to maintain it more accurately. Put together a car maintenance spending log to help document regular costs and repairs, so it becomes a lot easier staying above these expenses.

Budgeting costs for your car maintenance

To gain perspective on how much you exactly have to budget for your vehicle expenses, you must ask yourself these questions. How old is your car? What is its make and model? On average, how much do you spend on a tank of gas? Are you aware of any issues faced by your vehicle? How many of these issues are faced by vehicle owners on a global level? Every month or year, roughly, how far do you drive your vehicle? Further, read all the rules relating to the warranty of the car, thoroughly. You can then be certain that it is going to cover all the expensive elements. All in all, while vehicle costs differ, maintenance can cost you anywhere between $500 and $700 every year, which means that you can safely set aside approximately $42 to $58 every month.

Get your car checked before 10,000 km


Although your dad, friends, or the people around you will keep reminding you, you have to remember to get this done yourself. There are a few basic tasks you need to look at which can set the bar for your vehicle maintenance. Rotating your tires from one position to another, for instance, is vital and makes sure they wear down uniformly. Oil and oil filter changes are essential for a smoother and long-running engine. Further, wash your vehicle so that it does not turn to rust.

After 10,000 km

At this stage, it’s all about keeping your car safe. You will need to change filters such as the cabin air filter, engine filter, air filter, and fuel filter. You will also have to check your wheel alignment to enhance the shelf life of your wheels. Also, change brake pads and look at transmission fluid flush. In an automatic transmission car the gear change is made automatically, hence there is no clutch or gear stick. When the transmission is put into Drive (D) the car will automatically select the correct gear according to the load on the engine and the road speed. Usually, an automatic will change to a higher gear as the road speed increase, and to a lower gear as it falls. Npcautomotive helps people find the right transmission for their cars. Transmission makes it possible for you to shift gears, so flushing the fluid ensures that the transmission of your car is in the best working condition. Additionally, automatic vehicles also have a transmission system that works independently but has to be maintained. The car engine has many belts that need to be looked after, from the air conditioning to the engine to several others, and if not maintained properly, they could cause issues and even lead to fires that could be dangerous. Vehicle owners should also check and replace their batteries and spark plugs while servicing their cars.

Estimates of car repair


Always have a mechanic to service your vehicle and one you frequent, so they have the information under one folder. They would know the work done in the past and what they have to do moving forward. It is important to have someone to go through the process since every town does not have a dealership for every vehicle or their make. It is important to have a reputed and respected mechanic you can rely on so you do not have to drive out of town to find a mechanic or specialized parts. Handling this step allows you to consult them regularly whenever the need arises. In cases your radiator goes down, it needs to be fixed or replaced. For more information on this, visit

Regular inspections are the key


Maintaining a car isn’t glamorous but necessary, especially if you want to make sure you can travel with your vehicle for a long time to come. If you don’t know for certain when to go in for your car maintenance, look at your user manual. There has to be a section that gives you details on regular maintenance. It should also let you know what part of your vehicle needs servicing and when to get it done. Getting an idea about maintenance and care helps you work around and come up with a budget to allocate funds for it accordingly.

One of the primary requirements when using a car in the UK is the MOT test. New vehicles do not have to get one, but after turning three years, they have to get one annually. They check various aspects of the vehicle to make sure they are roadworthy, safe, and non-polluting. Additionally, they would receive a certificate allowing them to ply on roads, and vehicles that do not pass their MOT test were not allowed to move about unless they completed the test.

There are various platforms on the internet, like that allow people to get an understanding of their vehicle, the maintenance routine, and allows them to book a date for their MOT test at the most convenient time before the validity of their test expired.

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