4 Most Popular Car YouTube Channels to Watch in 2024

Keeping up with new models, facelifts, and reworks of every single brand of the automotive industry is impossible. It feels like these companies are making changes and updates almost every week. To know exactly what is happening in the industry, you would probably have to waste hours and hours of reading every day. Fortunately, you can easily get her information on the automotive industry by watching any of the most popular car YouTube channels that are still active and 2024.

However, it is also important to understand that not every single one of these channels produces accurate and quality content. To ensure that you will always be getting the best information possible, here are some of the most popular channels you must watch in 2024.

1. Doug Demuro

Source: dougdemuro.com

This guy has been working with cars and has been in the automotive industry for years.

But, he became a part of the YouTube world back in 2016 when he finally decided that he wants to write and film car reviews on this platform. Since then, he has been making reviews on some of the most popular, fastest, and most expensive cars in the world.

On this YouTube channel, you can find reviews of all kinds of brands and models. Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Bugattis, Teslas, BMWs and many, many more.

All of his reviews are pretty in-depth, so if you are looking for a professional and a technical opinion on a certain car, this is your guy.
At the time of writing, Doug DeMuro has almost 4 million subscribers. Definitely a popular channel.

2. Carwow

Source: dailycarblog.com

If you have ever watched Top Gear or Grand Tour and you like this type of show in comedy, carwow is the car YouTube channel you are looking for.
The cars are reviewed by Mat Watson who is running the entire show. He takes on a lighthearted approach on every review and he is not very technical, but he definitely knows his cars.

On this channel, you will see everything from in-depth tests on vehicles, drag races, rolling races, and all kinds of other fun stuff.
Currently, this channel is at 5,300,000 subscribers. Making it one of the most popular car-related on Youtube.

3. MotorTrend Channel

Source: motortrend.com

For the people that are looking for something a bit more hectic, they should check out the MotorTrend Channel. It has got everything on it. There are buyer guides, reviews, rally racing, dirt races, behind-the-scenes, car modifications, slow cars, fast cars, and anything else you can think of.
Usually, these guys post about 2 to 3 videos every week, so you will be getting a bunch of content.

MotorTrend has accumulated over 6.5 million subscribers over the years, putting them quite high on that popularity list. Keep in mind, many of these channels are accelerating their social media growth by using tools such as SocialWick.

4. Petrolicious

Source: journal.classiccars.com

A bit more serious take on vehicles and the way they work when compared to some of the other YouTube channels I mentioned above. Petrolicious also love to cover older legendary models such as the BMW M1 1980, BMW E30 M3 1990, Porsche 91 Carrera RS 1973, etc.

Petrolicious takes on a much slower style which is not something you can often find on YouTube, but it is definitely something that a petrol head can appreciate.

Petrolicious might not have the biggest number of subscribers, but they surely managed to deliver high-quality content. Sooner or later, they will probably have millions of subscribers too.

There are probably hundreds of other very popular car-related YouTubers, but the ones I mentioned above are some of the most interesting and popular ones. Do not miss out.

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