5 Reasons To Lawyer Up After A Car Accident – 2020 Guide

Although today we drive on better highways, and we can afford modern vehicles that offer us perfect comfort – the number of traffic accidents on roads around the world is not waning. Then, unpleasant lawsuits, legal proceedings, and often sanctions come on the scene. This is the moment when the help of a lawyer is necessary – both for those who caused the accident and for those injured in traffic accidents. With the compulsory advice to be careful while driving – we will present you with 5 reasons to lawyer up after a car accident.

Do You Need A Traffic Accident Lawyer?

Of course, we are looking for a lawyer and defense for traffic violations when the violation has already happened. It is best to hire a defense attorney right at the beginning of the procedure because the chances for defense are definitely higher. In the area of this branch of law, traffic violations are most prevalent – so clients are represented by lawyers who deal with traffic violations. Because traffic offenses are the most common ones – lawyers are logically doing a lot of work in this field. Most of us know that misdemeanor fines are quite rigorous, and in addition to prison and heavy fines – what often hurts and scares drivers the most is the revocation of their driver’s license.

How To Choose A Traffic Accident Lawyer?

Nowadays, although the conditions on the roads are getting better – it seems that there are more and more traffic accidents. Statistics also support this claim. The damage caused by traffic accidents can be measured in billions of dollars – and there are often victims in such accidents. Therefore, in such situations, the presence of a lawyer is a necessity and not a luxury. Lawyers dealing with this area of ​​legal relations have extensive experience when it comes to various legal aspects and circumstances that can lead to a car accident. They are fully aware of the whole legal procedure in these situations – and they will certainly make it easier for you. Although there is a misconception that these legal services are expensive – that is not true, at least not completely. It all depends on the situation, the accident, and the damage.

When it comes to consultations – no respectable lawyer will charge you for advice. If you need a lawyer in these situations, try to choose him carefully. It must be someone with experience in legal proceedings concerning traffic and damages arising from such situations.

Distracted Driving Is The Most Common Cause Of Traffic Accidents


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Thousands of traffic accidents occur on roads around the world every year. The causes of traffic accidents can be different, but they have one common denominator – driving distraction. Drivers are often disturbed while driving for various reasons. It happens that something distracts them – and causes their focus to be somewhere else and not on the road. Although the causes of driving distraction can vary – the consequences are often identical: Damage to the car, injuries to persons, and property. How distracted driving can be dangerous, you can see on this website. The inevitable things in these situations are penalties. Therefore, it is necessary to hire a lawyer. These are the 5 most common reasons for distracted driving and reasons why you should hire a lawyer.

5 Reasons To Lawyer Up After A Car Accident

1. Mobile Phones

According to experts, the biggest danger for a traffic accident is typing text messages. The use of a mobile device before making a call – can have a similar effect. Even with the hands-free option, the individual needs to find the number on the screen – while distracting from the road. The driver can also be disturbed by a telephone conversation – that distracts him from what is happening on the road at that moment. In such accidents, the fault is always up to the driver – who was distracted due to the use of the phone. For situations like this, you definitely need the help of a good lawyer – because the penalties (according to the consequences) can be very high.

2. High Speed

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Speeding is the second most common cause of traffic accidents and the most common reason for calling a traffic accident lawyer. Traffic accidents that involve speeding are also the cause of the highest number of deaths in car accidents. Although this offense is not taken seriously enough among drivers – high speed greatly increases the risk of losing control while driving. At high speeds, you also need more distance to be able to brake – which is often not the case. Therefore, drivers need to be aware of the speed at which they travel and to adhere to the prescribed limits.

3. Drunk driving

This is one of the leading causes of traffic accidents with a difficult outcome – especially during weekends and holidays. When you are in an alcoholic state, your perception changes – and you are not able to realistically see the traffic situation. Reflexes are also slowed down – which often leads to far-reaching consequences.

4. Reckless Driving

Speeding, disrespecting traffic signs and regulations, cutting from one lane to another on the highway – all these are typical examples of reckless driving. Such a driver doesn’t care much about others – and that can be seen in the number of videos on the Internet. Believe it or not, many such drivers even brag about it. However, you must also keep in mind the following: Reckless drivers have a great chance of causing serious traffic accidents. Speeding, alcohol consumption, but also illegal substances – are very often included in this kind of driving. Do you still think you don’t need a lawyer?

5. Weather Conditions

When the road becomes wet or icy – drivers can lose control and slip with the vehicle. Also, in certain weather conditions, visibility decreases – which increases the risk of a traffic accident. Therefore, it is important to be careful and aware of how weather conditions impact your driving. This means respecting speed and traffic limits during bad weather. Sometimes such cases require the help of a lawyer – because in some situations it is difficult to prove that these were the real causes of the accident. Therefore, keep all this in mind before it happens to you.


These are situations in which drivers most often make mistakes – and for which they later need the help of a lawyer. While you may think of yourself as a responsible driver, it means almost nothing – because others may not be. Therefore, it is recommended to find a good lawyer in advance – that is, before any traffic situation happens to you. Keep in mind: Most drivers didn’t think that a car accident would happen to them.

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