8 Must-Have Tools in your DIY Car Repair Kit

Like every machine, automobiles are also liable to break down. The only difference is that their repair can be much more expensive than the repair cost of several other machines. However, if you know how to tackle common car issues, you can save a lot of time waiting around a garage and also money spent on repairs. Here’s a detailed infographic to give you a simplified overview of the car parts that commonly raise maintenance attention and are also easy to fix:

DIY Maintenance Mechanism For Your Auto Parts - PartsGeek.com - Infographic
By PartsGeek.com

Now that you’ve seen the basics of DIY repair and maintenance, all you need is a repair kit. We’ve compiled a list of tools that are a must-have for your DIY car repair kit. Let’s get to it:

1. Screwdriver Set

Source: diygarden.co.uk

A screwdriver will be your loyal companion throughout your DIY car maintenance routine. You will need it a thousand times to uninstall old parts and replace them with new ones.

Make it a point to include screwdrivers of different sizes and of good quality in your DIY car repair kit.

2. Wrench Set

For every kind of car repair, you will likely need a different type of wrench. This makes a wrench set a must-have in your DIY car repair kit. Instead of buying and collecting them in random sizes as you discover the need for them, consider buying a complete adjustable wrench set at once to save yourself from the hassles.

3. Jack stand

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A jack stand is an essential part of any repair kit. To access parts located underneath your vehicle, you will need to raise it a bit. For this, you will need a robust pair of jack stands with safety pins.
Select a jack stand size as per the make and model of your car.

4. Car lubricants

Lubrication is an important part of car repairs. As the metallic parts of your car produce friction by rubbing against each other, they can cause damage to a great extent. Here, protecting them with a layer of lubricant becomes necessary.

You should keep a set of essential lubricants in your DIY car repair kit. Your kit should have antifreeze, transmission fluid, engine oil, steering fluid, grease, brake & clutch fluid, suspension fluid, and compressor oil.

5. Spare auto parts

Source: promautoracing.com

No points for guessing. Your DIY car repair kit should have some essential spare auto parts.

Time and again, you will need to replace your old car parts with new ones, and hence, having them in your kit will spare you the trouble of running for buying new parts. So stock up essential spare auto parts such as oil, fuel, and air filters, antifreeze, spark & glow plugs, engine oil, cabin or pollen filters, timing belt kits, wiper blades, brake pads, batteries, bulb, idlers, and dampers!

6. Car battery charger

Battery problems are very common and annoying. However, you can prevent the problem by reserving a place for a car battery charger in your car repair kit. Make sure you invest in a quality car battery charger to save yourself from future worries.

7. Car cleaners and conditioners

Source: autoexpresstoday.com

Keeping your car clean and free from dirt is also an essential part of car maintenance and repair. You should have the best car cleaners and conditioners to keep your most prized possession looking new forever.

Your repair kit should include cleaning essentials such as color restorers, rechargeable pressure washers, air intake or carburetor cleaners, chrome polishes, car shampoos and conditioners, and finishing waxes.

8. Protective gear

The majority of people overlook the importance of protective gear. When you service your car, you are exposed to hazardous conditions and intense temperatures. Therefore, you should make it a point to invest in good quality protective gloves and glasses.

Stock up disposable latex gloves to use while doing minor repairs such as changing the engine oil and fabric gloves for major tasks that require high protection while working around the motor. Also, buy gas welding glasses or other safety glasses to protect your eyes.

The takeaway

If you wish to save some money on car repairs, invest a little in preparing your own DIY car repair kit. We hope this DIY car repair tool kit checklist will help you in this respect. However, if you find yourself in the situation where the DIY car repair kit will not work and you need to get the car to the mechanic, for towing service, you can visit sheengroup.com.au.

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