How to Rent a Car at the Memphis Airport? 3 Steps to the Best Trip of 2024

Memphis is a multifaceted creative city that is definitely worth a visit, see for yourself by reading this article. When planning a trip to this huge city, seriously consider renting a car. Follow our advices to save your money. You won’t lose the opportunities to explore this amazing city if you take advantage of a rental car of any taste and preferences. So you can travel around all the sights of the city with comfort and without overpaying for a taxi. You definitely need to rent it if you are trevelling with your couple to enjoy all the marvelous sights.

Opportunities to rent a car in Memphis

Once the plane lands, you will be faced with a large selection of Memphis TN Airport car rentals with, and this breadth of choice may puzzle you at first glance. At the huge Memphis airport, the following recognized leaders in the car rental market will offer their services to you:

  • Alamo
  • National
  • Budget
  • Hertz
  • Avis
  • Dollar
  • Enterprise
  • Thrifty
  • Payless

How to rent a car at the airport

We have created a step-by-step guide on how to rent a comfortable car at Memphis Airport profitably and without a hitch.

Step 1 – Rent a car in advance

You can plan your trip by booking the right car in advance. This has many benefits. Given the size of the airport, just imagine the queues that await you when renting offline. The car you need may not be available for rent at this time. This service would save your time and make your reservation way faster and easier. 

By renting online in advance, you will be able to choose the right car, marking the necessary parameters: car specification, mileage, pricing policy, and rental conditions. It is also possible to select additional functions, for example, a navigator or a child seat. Choose the time of arrival at the airport and the rental car will be waiting at your terminal upon request.

Online renting is faster with the car rental apps that quickly determines cheap prices for rental cars in a given location. You can use filters to configure the suitable price, car brand and passenger category. 

Step 2 – Documents and money

Remember that to rent a car you need to bring your driver’s license, up-to-date insurance, and a credit card with enough funds to pay the deposit. Some companies allow you to use a debit card when renting, but they require additional documents. Check all the nuances in advance. Also, you can search for suitable guidelines with different requirements for your driving license parameters.

Step 3 – Check your rental car

Don’t neglect this step, even if you are in a hurry, so as not to pay for your inattention later. Inspect the car outside and inside, it may happen that you notice damage not noted by the company when the car is returned by the previous owner. Double check the car and if you will find out soma damages fix it as soon as possible, so the car rental company wouldn’t have any issues to you for the compensation of their property. 

If you point this out right away, the car will be replaced, or at least you won’t pay for this damage upon return. So let’s save your money. 


Extra Tips: Save Money on Car Rentals in Memphis

Consider what you can do to save yourself from unnecessary expenses and travel in comfort. This advices would help you to count your expenses more effectively. 

Save on additional services

It may well be that your current insurance covers the car you rented. Clarify this point, or take out insurance separately – you will save a lot by not purchasing insurance as an additional service to a rented car.

Also, you can refuse a GPS navigator offered in addition to renting a car by purchasing your own navigator or using maps from your smartphone. This way you can save from 10 to 15 dollars a day!

Plan ahead for the length of your rental

Memphis is a high-traffic city where the demand for car rentals is high. When you try to extend your booking, you may not even be able to do so. Clearly plan your trip and choose the right dates in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises. Remember that returning the car later than the deadline specified in the contract is fraught with a fine.

Benefits for drivers over 25 years of age

In the US, young drivers have to pay taxes when renting a car. This category includes persons aged 21-24 years. The car rental service is also interested in your driving experience. If you are traveling in a company, it is beneficial that the driver of the rented car is a person over 25 years old. You if you are driving somewhere with a company of people it would be a nice idea to have 25 years old driver on board. 

Refuel the rented car yourself

Before returning the car, take care of the fuel level in the fuel tank. By returning the rented car filled up, you will pay significantly less.


Take feedback from other users critically

Remember that the perception of the situation and, accordingly, comments often depend on the human mood. Due to inattention, some drivers simply do not read the terms of the contract and then become indignant.

Pay attention only to constructive comments regarding the service and quality of the car. It’s good when there are a lot of comments, so the assessment will be more objective.


Following these tips, you can rent a car at the airport avoiding overpaying. To fill your trip to Memphis with vivid impressions, follow the latest events in the city on Memphis Travel. We are holing that you will fully enjoy your time with your friends or family and bring a good memories from your trip. 

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