Create Gorgeous Soft Enamel Pins In Just A Few Simple Steps

Enamel pins have rapidly become one of the most stylish trends, with companies, creatives, and organizations wanting to jump in on the action and design their own custom pins. Pins can be worn for a variety of reasons – from displaying personality or beliefs to expressing appreciation for brands, groups, and associations; therefore an impressive enamel pin design is essential if you want people to proudly wear your message.

Here’s how you can make your very own unique enamel pins:

Designing of Enamel Pin


Crafting a beautiful pin starts with an eye-catching design. If you’re creating limited-edition enamel pins, collectibles or simply showcasing your creative gifts; even if you don’t have graphic design skills, there are many online tools to help turn your ideas into designs for pins. Photoshop and Illustrator are the ideal programs to use in making models but free options exist too should those not be accessible.

If you are having trouble conceptualizing your custom soft enamel pin designs, there is no need to worry. Simply reach out to a designer and get the creative juices flowing! Take advantage of independent sites such as, where expert designers can work with you to bring your idea into fruition.

The Method of Making Enamel Pins

After you have arranged your designs and are ready to turn them into enamel pins, the next critical step is deciding whether a soft or hard enamel pin will be better suited for your brand. Each option provides distinct advantages that must be taken into consideration before making the final decision. Do some research and weigh up what’s best for your company.

When it’s time to construct enamel pins, vivipins use sophisticated artwork to create a remarkable imprint. This impression is then transferred onto the metal to develop the recessed structure in which the base of the pin will take shape. The pin foundation is usually plated with gold, silver, and gunmetal or black before being loaded up with vibrant lacquer paint, separated by thin raised walls shaped from your outlines during the design stage.

To make a soft enamel pin, the recessed zones of the pin are first coated with one layer of polish paint. After this dries, it gives off a furrowed finish as it sits lower than surrounding metal dividers. If you’re looking for cheap custom pins no minimum to create for special events or limited-time occasions, then soft enamel pins are your best choice.

Crafting a hard enamel pin is an intricate process. An expertly applied layer of enamel paint fills the recessed details and results in a level surface that rests flush with raised metal barriers. After being heated to extreme temperatures, it gains strength and then polished until it shines brightly, ensuring its durability for many years to come.

What amount do custom Enamel pins cost?


If you want to maximize your savings while producing soft pins, purchasing them in bulk is the way to go. However, make sure you collaborate with a reliable source that meets all of your needs. Additionally, if more than one design will be included in each order and accessories such as backing cards are added for presentation purposes, this can increase the overall value of the request significantly.

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