Need To Wear Safety Gears While Riding

As human beings in the modern world, each of us has been exposed to noise. If you’ll think about it, we’ve actually been living in a world full of noise. It started early in our lives… 18 weeks into our mothers’ pregnancy, we started hearing the world from inside the womb. When we come out of our mothers’ womb we start making noise ourselves through our cries. As children, we hear loud music from our T.V.s and radios. We hear other children cry, scream and shout whenever we’re in school or playing at our local playground. Not even our parents’ embrace can save us from hearing the thunder’s roar.


As we grow up into our teens, we learn how to drive and travel on our own but we still can’t get away from all the noise. From cars honking on the roads and trains chugging and rumbling away on the railways, the noise still exists. Another thing is when we start to love music. We learn how to play instruments and we play with no regards. Beating the drums as hard as we can, shredding and playing guitar riffs with the highest volume possible and screaming our lungs out as we sing. We go to concerts, listen to our favorite singers, artists and bands hearing thousands of people sing-along. We go to sports events, racing events and whatever event there maybe with lots of attendees shouting, screaming and supporting their teams with all their might. We can also add here the loud music inside the club or whenever our friends invite us to a house party.

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When we become adults we start to find jobs and work how adults should work. Most of us can still hear the busy streets on our daily commutes… cars honking, motorcycles revving and people shouting. We find ourselves working construction, working at airport grounds or working at a factory and still, there’s noise. We might think that an office job might be different, but no.  Even working inside an office can sometimes be full of noise so there really is no escape. 

We retire after 40 years of working and what do we do for pleasure? Again, we watch T.V. all day, travel around-the-world, and do things that we’ve wanted to do when we were younger like to go skydiving and stuff.

My question here is WHEN DO WE START PROTECTING OURSELVES FROM ALL THE NOISE? Is that going to be when we start to lose our hearing? Most of us try to conserve our sense of sight but why not conserve our sense of hearing too?


Let me tell you some facts.

Excessive noise exposure is the third leading cause of hearing loss behind aging and injury. The mostcommon culprit of it is workplace noise caused by machineries. Things like motorcycles and power tools can also damage hearing over time. And about 30 million Americans face hazardous levels of noise at work. So I suggest, as early as possible, as much as you can, avoid or take breaks from noisy activities from your daily life. Always take care of yourselves by wearing earplugs or hearing protection that fit over the ear every time that you need one.

One thing is clear… and that is the fact that we’re surrounded by noise each and every day of our lives.
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