How to choose the tire for your SUV?

If you are an inveterate driver or if you simply like cars, you know that each one has a different type of wheel, because the off-road wheels are not the same as those of a passenger car. The off-road wheels have their own characteristics that those of any other type of vehicle do not have.

How to choose good off-road wheels?

When you are selecting new wheels for your vehicle, you need to keep several things in mind , such as the type of ground you will drive on, what time of year you will do it and  what are the characteristics own and specific to your car. Of course, with the maxxis trepador radial, you must ensure that you will drive safely.

Keep in mind one thing; generally off-roaders leave the car dealerships by mounting road wheels for the asphalt since most of these vehicles are used in the city. If you are going to make more off-road use, then you should use off road rims.

This type of tire does not have the low and light profile of the wheels used in the asphalt, but it is of higher profile and thicker. It can adapt perfectly to the harsh conditions of the different terrains.

Usually, these are the off-road studs that make the driving on heavy terrain much easier and put the driver in control.

The vehicles that you know for a fact will not be driven on city roads needs suitable tires and wheels. For this reason, it is necessary to mount AT tires (all terrain) or wheels that are valid for both types of surfaces. Mixed tires have the advantage of providing more than acceptable performance in both rocky and asphalt terrain, and they will serve you well no matter where you go.

Advantages of AT tires

The off-road wheels usually have extra reinforcement, and are suitable for long trips and hard terrain, since they provide a significant improvement in the traction of the vehicle.

Types of tires for SUVs

Mixed tires 4 × 4

These are versatile gums that can be used on and off the road. They behave well on wet asphalt, and offer good motility on terrains that are softer. They come with a deeper drawing to ensure a good adhesion and a reinforced casing to resist impacts with stones. Depending on the terrain where you are going to use them, you can choose between 40% highway AT or 40% field.

However, if you want to roll off-road, it is best to choose wheels that are equally wide with a higher profile. Thus its outer diameter will be greater, it will raise the surface on the ground and it will behave better with stones and potholes.

Off-road tires 4 × 4

The Michelin DEFENDER LTX M/S is one of the best choices for mixed use on 4×4 vehicles. It is designed to offer a balance between on-road and off-road performance. This makes it well-suited for mixed driving conditions and provides several advantages for 4×4 vehicles.

Also known as Mud Terrain, they are the best for off-road driving. They can deal with harsh terrain conditions thanks to the reinforced structure, their wide rubber blocks to eliminate the mud or their deep drawing specially designed for these surfaces.

These tires make the performance on the road easier, since they have deeper drawings, and stand against any surface well and help you move around.

When you see the Highway Terrain label, you should know that these are the most suitable for SUVs. They have characteristics similar to those of passenger wheels in terms of grip, braking, comfort and durability thanks to their flexible sides or low rolling resistance.

If you want to enjoy your 4 × 4, choose your off-road wheels.

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