What is a Knee Scooter? And how to Choose the Best One

Many people need help with the action. Therefore, in this case, there are many choices to find that your individuals depend on their relationship. In addition to walkers, crutches, and walkers, people who are unable to move can use a scooter. It may seem unusual at first, and people who try it may not have it for the first time, but after getting used to it, knee flexions will greatly improve your life but the first move will be to be healthy and safe.

About Knee Scooter

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It is also known as a knee jump. His name comes from the scooter we used to play in our childhood. It is a medical device that is an excellent alternative to crutches. It has a four-wheel design, but some models have only three. To use it, simply place the injured knee on the pillow and push it forward with a healthy leg. Over the years, knee flexions have evolved significantly from ease to service. During your investigation, you will find many models with useful features. Not to mention that they are lightweight (galvanized steel or aluminum) collapsible and very easy to carry.

When it can be used?

You can imagine that under no circumstances can you use squats and if your injury is to your calf, you can only use it. Because using such equipment to bend your knees makes sense. Here are some common injuries which may make you use a knee scooter like:

       Fractured Ankle

       Ankle Surgery

       Foot Surgery

       Lower leg injuries

       Any type of Ankle Injury

As is sometimes the case with a scooter, it is not recommended in some cases. No, that’s it, but in some cases, you can’t even use it because you can’t bend your knees.

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Knee Scooter or Crutches:

As mentioned above, knee flexes are an excellent alternative to crutches. If your foot or calf is injured, there will usually be gunshots or orthotics. This means you will need a cane to move. However, the knee scooter will be easier to move.

If using a cane, put all the weight on your forearm or forearm. If you had a cane, you know it’s not the most comfortable solution. But if you use patella, your cheekbones support your weight. The calf called cheekbones is the strongest bone in the human body, which means you can support its weight. I don’t know if you realize it, but using crutches for a long time can seriously damage your intercostal brachial nerve, a nerve under your arm. You will not encounter any problems with your knee scooter.

       The patella makes you faster. You can work or anywhere you want. I think you can imagine what’s going on.

       You don’t have to have pain in your arm anymore. This is a common problem with crutches and removing crutches reduces the risk of injury. Not to mention that your circulation is normal.

       Scooter stability is greater. If you lose balance on your cane, you can easily fall. The ball has four wheels, so the risk of injury is very low.

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What are the best Knee Scooters?

As I said before, you can find different models of brands online. If you do not know what you are doing or need help, then the best help is 5productreviews.com. Just simple go to the website and discover the best things for you. You will surely get help from there. Here are the main 3 types of knee scooter that you can use.

Drive Medical DV8

Drive Medical manufactures a variety of walkers, including knee footprints. If you have a leg problem, you can buy one of the cheapest solutions. This model gives you the support you need and you won’t feel as uncomfortable as a cane.

The DV8 model is controllable, as the title suggests, and at the same time very comfortable. One of the things you love most about this scooter is the knee platform. It is not only full but also has a maximum comfort channel. The channel also ensures that your legs do not slip out of the platform. Four 8-inch wheels are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Double braking systems provide control and safety. When you “close”, the locking mechanism ensures your safety.


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It is a great alternative to crutches. It is also an economical solution for those who have a broken foot, an ankle injury or who have recovered after surgery. It is a comfortable knob that will make your life easier than you would need. It can withstand almost any surface, and you can use it indoors and outdoors.

This scooter has four wheels and is easy to turn. It has incredible balance, easy control, and excellent stability. The 7.5-inch wheels and adjustable brake lock give you a sense of control. The brakes are located on the front and rear wheels. Conveniently, the KneeRover has a padded knee platform so the injured leg feels no pain and the grip offers excellent grip.


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The BodyMed Body Scooter is not very different from the two models above. It is ideal for people with fractures or other injuries. Like other models, this model perfectly replaces crutches or pipe rods. It takes less effort to spend and makes us feel uncomfortable. You no longer suffer from forearm pain, forearm stops fatigue due to walking. This usually happens due to prolonged use.

The BodyMed Knee Scooter uses a dual braking system to ensure your safety. The wheels are designed for indoor and outdoor use. It provides excellent stability on almost any surface and the wheels leave no mark on the tiles. This model is also fully adjustable. The steering wheel and knee platform can be adapted to your needs and the brakes can be fixed or loose. As a bonus, you also receive a basket that can be installed in front of the scooter. You can store different things and even shop.

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