Top Essential Dirt Bike Gear for Safety & Protection – 2020 review

Dirt bike sports just like every other form of sports has some requirements. One of these requirements is the right set of gears. If you intend taking part in dirt bike sports, you should know the gears you need.

This article contains some dirt bike gears. Let’s find out what they are.

Dirt Bike Boots

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Dirt bike boots are an important gear everyone riding dirt bikes must-have. When worn, they keep the ankle, foot, and the lower leg protected from impending injuries. While they are expected to keep the lower leg protected, they do more than that. They also help in providing dirt bike riders with a level of comfort.

The role of dirt bike boots in keeping the lower leg, the foot, and the ankle protected cannot be over-emphasized. This is because dirt bike sports can be considered an extreme sport and is one that is associated with many injuries. When you have a pair of dirt bike boots on, you do not have to worry about your ankle twisting unnecessarily.


Dirt bike sports is quite rough. Due to this, riders must get every single bit of protection that they can get. While it might not seem like much when riders take part in this sport without having a shirt on, everyone that takes part in dirt bike sports must keep their skin protected and one way to do this is by wearing a shirt.

While a shirt from is expected to keep your torso and arms protected from bruises, it does more than that. It can also protect from the direct heat of the sun.

Full Face Helmets

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So long dirt bike sports is concerned, there are certain gears that one can choose by using or not using. However, a full-face helmet is not one of these gears. A full-face helmet is a gear that everyone involved in dirt bike sports has to own.

When worn, you can be sure your brain is protected. If you get involved in a crash while taking part in dirt bike sports and do not have a full-face helmet, it could be fatal or could lead to serious damage to the brain.

Dirt Bike Gloves

Dirt bike gloves will go a long way to help with your grip and also provide a good level of comfort when riding. Dirt bike sports are rough. It is associated with burns, blisters, and lots of abrasions. One way you can avoid these many occurrences is by putting on dirt bike gloves.

In addition to keeping your hands protected from physical damage. The padding that dirt bike gloves come with can help you cope with the endurance that is associated with riding a dirt bike.

Dirt bike Pants

The average person might be of the notion that a pair of jeans will be good enough for anyone taking part in dirt gear sports. That, however, is a very wrong notion. Jeans are no doubt very sturdy, but, they were not designed to be worn in dirt bike sports.

When planning to take part in dirt bike sports, you will need to invest in a good pair of dirt bike pants. This is an investment because dirt bike pants are not exactly cheap. However, once you get them, you will not need to keep getting more bottoms as time passes by. If you decide to wear jeans or pants made with other materials when taking part in dirt bike sports, you might spend less at the onset. However, over time, you will need to keep replacing them and that might not be very economical.

While the fact that dirt bike pants can last the test of time is one reason everyone that is taking part in dirt bike sports has to invest in one, another reason is it gives room for a lot of flexibility. And you will agree with me that a good level of flexibility is needed if you intend to take part in dirt bike sports.

Dirt Bike Goggles

If you have seen anyone take part in dirt bike sports, then, you can tell for a fact that goggles are important gear for everyone that takes part in dirt bike sports.

When you have goggles on, you will not have to worry about debris and the sun getting into your eyes. This is more important than many people realize. If you take part in dirt bike sports without having goggles on you could lose your eyes entirely. In addition to that, you will get involved in avoidable crashes.

Knee Braces

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The knee is a strong part of the body and to an extent, it is used extremely by certain people. There are lots of activities that lead to the extreme use of the knee. One of them is taking part in dirt bike sports.

The knees might be strong. However, the level of strain associated with dirt bike sports might cause a lot of injuries to the knees. So, to prevent the many injuries that can happen when one takes part in dirt bike sports, knee braces have to be worn.

While it really might look like you can cope perfectly without having knee braces on while taking part in dirt bike sports, a minor crash can hurt the knee badly if a rider does not have a knee brace on.

Elbow Guards

Elbow guards perform the same function as knee braces. The only difference is they carry out their activity at the elbow.

Although elbow guards are just as important as other pieces of equipment that offer protection to various parts of the body, a lot of people do not consider them important especially when they are just starting as dirt bike riders.

If you do not get involved in a crash while riding a dirt bike, an elbow guard might not seem like a gear you will need. On the other hand, if you have ever been involved in a crash while riding a dirt bike, you can attest to the importance of an elbow guard for every rider of a dirt bike.

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