2015 Ford Bronco Release Date, Price and Specs

If you are looking for something really powerful and capable, and you want something from Ford’s lineup, the new 2015 Ford Bronco is perfect for you. The Bronco represents the initial SUV which Ford produced in 1966 and since then, the vehicle has become a really important player in Ford’s lineup. The company produced the Bronco to be a rival to International and Jeep, which produce vehicles of similar kind. If you want to find out more details about this handsome SUV, read the article below.

Exterior of new 2015 Ford Bronco

Source: ford-trucks.com

When it comes to the exterior design of the upcoming 2015 Ford Bronco, it will be very similar to the current 2013 generation. The vehicle will keep its recognizable and unique retro look, perfectly combined with contemporary design cues. The company announced that the newly designed Bronco will meet drive needs of all customers even the most demanding ones and that it is perfect for those who travel a lot and want an elegant vehicle. The first thing that will probably catch your eye when you see the new 2015 Ford Bronco is that it now has an extended cabin.

There is also a large front grille which provides a rather wide stance for the vehicle. A large “Bronco” name found its spot in the middle of the grille. A set of newly designed headlights with LED technology and a set of fog lights also find their place below the grille. Thanks to the new lights, visibility will be improved. The side profile of the car also seems to be a bit longer even though the exact dimensions haven’t been revealed yet. The rear end of the vehicle is decorated with a set of dual taillights and a new chrome bumper.

2015 Ford Bronco Interior


As for the interior design, we can say that it is fairly simple and perfect for off-road use. The cabin is spacious and offers ample of headroom and legroom for up to five passengers at the time. The exact details about the interior changes haven’t been released yet. We don’t know what kind of materials will be used for upholstery and we don’t know what kind of technological features will be there to make sure that you feel safe and comfy while driving. Having in mind that it is Ford, we anticipate high-end materials and a long list of premium features for the newcomer.For more information related to off-road, you can visit off-roadinternational.

Engine of 2015 Bronco

2015 Ford Bronco Engine

Some trusted sites reported that the engine lineup for the newcomer will be improved offering better fuel efficiency and performance at the same time. If the rumors are true, three engine options will ensure power for the 2015 Ford Bronco. The lineup consists of a 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine, a 4.5-liter diesel engine, and a 5.0-liter gas engine. Particular details about performance and output are not revealed yet and we will have to sit tight before the company makes them public.

2015 Ford Bronco Release date and price

The new 2015 Ford Bronco will probably go on sale by the end of this year. An estimated price for the base model is around $29.000.

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