2016 Toyota Tacoma redesign, news, changes

2016 Toyota Tacoma redesign, news, changes

The Tacoma is one of the better selling compact pickup truck vehicles in the US but the current model is starting to show its age mostly because it has been on the market in one form or another since 2004. The 2016 Toyota Tacoma came out as the all new version of this popular Toyota truck. It was presented on 2015 North American International Auto Show and after over a decade of the same design, new truck is much bigger, bulkier and it can almost compete in the Toyota Tundra class. This is nothing strange, when it comes to American pickup truck market in recent years, where every new unit becomes bigger, bulkier and stronger. Id addition to the exterior redesigned the new Toyota Tacoma 2016 also received the fine interior upgrades, mainly when it comes to hi tech features.

<2>Exterior of new 2016 Toyota Tacoma

As we said already new 2016 Toyota Tacoma comes with numerous Tundra influences when it comes to size as well as some exterior features. One of those features is the tailgate that will now also come with Tacoma models. It also has some influences from its main competitor Chevrolet Colorado, which is now the sole rival in small truck race on the American market, after Ford Ranger and Dodge Dakota were discontinued. For buyers who are more interested in this vehicle’s off road features, there are also new TRD Sport and TRD Off Road trim levels that come with specific suspension adjustments and brand new Multi-Terrain Select system, which makes this vehicle adapt to any surface. There are also numerous off-road additional options for this Toyota pickup truck to choose.

2016 Toyota Tacoma Interior

When it comes to interior of the Toyota Tacoma 2016 didn’t offer to much in terms of design and style.New model features a lot of hard plastic, but they are also proud of the new leather upholstery, some soft touch material surfaces and very functional and friendly looking cabin design. Main updates in the interior segment are the ones that deal with hi tech interior features. New model comes with power moonroof, QI wireless charging, push-button start, some top of the line safety features including blind spot monitoring and cross traffic alert and the new audio system which comes with touchscreen display.

Toyota Tacoma 2016 specs

Engine wise, the new 2016 Toyota Tacoma will have some great updates under the skin. Previous model’s engine is replaced with 3,5-liter Atkinson cycle V6 that brings much more power and acceleration than the weak 4,0-liter V6 that we are used to. This is the top of the line engine, while lower trim levels will come with 2,7-liter 4-cylinder that will be able to produce 159 horsepower and 189 pound feet of torque. There’s still no information about Atkinson cycle engine output, but we believe it will be much stronger than the 236 horsepower and 266 lb-ft of torque output preformed by the 4,0-liter V6.

2016 Toyota Tacoma release date and price

There still no price or release date information about 2016 Toyota Tacoma, we believe the new model will be at least $2,000 more expensive and that it’s going to arrive at the showrooms in the end of this year.

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