2016 Buick Encore Appearance and Performance

New crossover manufactured by Buick, 2016 Buick Encore, is going to be offered not only on the North American market but in China, as well. China is a huge market and people at Buick think they can meet demands of Chinese customers. New Encore is actually going to be smaller comparing to the previous model but with pretty much same characteristics or improved. This subcompact crossover is coming with reshaped headlights as well as with new front grille. Generally, new model uses cutting edge technology and it is much better equipped than a 2015 model. This vehicle will directly compete with cars such as Fiat 500L and Nissan Juke. Encore is familiar on the car market but we are still not sure what will be its share of the market.
2016 Buick Encore 2

2016 Buick Encore Engine

Let’s first start with the engine. There are two possible options but is still not certain whether both engines will be offered to Chinese customers or not. The first one is 1.6 liter petrol engine that can deliver 206 pound-feet of torque and 207 horsepower. This engine has both FWD and AWD option and it is mated with six-speed automatic gearbox. On the other hand, 1.6l turbo-diesel is a little bit more torque, 236 lb-ft, but only 136 horsepower. This engine is also mated to six-speed automatic transmission and has FWD and AWD. Every car has pros and cons and mileage is definitely among pros. Combined mileage is 28 mpg. In a city it uses 25 mpg in a city and 33 mpg on highways. This is going to be great advantage considering that most of the competent cars are not as efficient as the new 2016 Buick Encore. It is announced that subsequent models are going to have better performances so we may expect even higher mileage numbers with 2017 model.
2016 Buick Encore Engine

Interior and Exterior of 2016 Buick Encore

2016 Buick Encore Interior
Competence in this class is tough so designers must go extra mile in creating a luxury crossover which will be attractive to customers. Even though it is smaller than its predecessor, 2016 Buick Encore is still spacious enough and can accommodate five passengers. Apart from base model there are three more trim levels – Premium, Leather and Convenience. Mirrors are going to be power-assisted and this feature you could see in the previous model, as well. Windshield is designed to absorb the solar energy and it will have halogen headlights. Depending on the trim level there are loads of additional features such as heated steering wheel and fog lamps. Safety is upgraded. Collision alert sensor can come in handy (but we honestly hope you won’t be in a situation that will activate this sensor). Also, there are parking sensors at front as well as at the back. Generally, the cabin stayed pretty much the same.
2016 Buick Encore Exterior

2016 Encore Price and Release date

Perhaps, the second biggest advantage is the price. In general, price is lower than the competent cars and it will cost $25,500. Nissan Juke and Fiat 500L will need to offer more in order not to lose their share of the market. One thing is not certain though – launching date. It is most likely to happen in the third quarter of 2015 but we shall see.

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