Car or Public Transport in Orlando: the Ongoing Debate

Want to fly indoors or soar a zip line over live alligators? Then Orlando it is! It is not only the theme parks and waterparks that Orlando boasts. There are more than 100 attractions you can sample and enjoy in this city. You can enjoy this trip with your family as well as with your friends or colleagues. Whether a foodie, bird watcher, water sports fanatic, serious shopper, or sun worshiper you will always find something for you in Orlando.

But to sample these offerings you will require a means to move around. A vehicle is always the ideal way to move around. You can either use a private car or public means. For private means, you can either use yours or rent one from the various cars for rental companies available. There is a variety of choices from small economy cars to 12 passenger van rental Orlando with But which one between using a car and public means is ideal? Let’s settle this debate by looking at the advantages of using both a car and public means to help you make a decision on which one will best suit you.

Advantages of Using a Car

Below are a few advantages of using a car in Orlando:


It gives you more flexibility and freedom

When using a car you have complete control over your schedule including where to stop, which routes to use and don’t have to use a timetable like in public means.

It is easy to move your luggage around

This is because there are no luggage limitations and the size of your car is your only limitation. In case you are renting there are car rental opportunities for bigger cars if you have lots of luggage.

You can explore more places

You can visit more places. You can incorporate more scenic places and attractions on your travel route and be able to visit more places. This is also because you don’t have a specific travel route and can tinker to suit your preferences. You can also visit off-beat places and enjoy those hidden gems.

You have more privacy and comfort

There is more privacy in that you don’t have to sit with strangers for hours on with little space to stretch. In a car, you travel mostly with friends and family and that familiarity gives you a sense of privacy. You are also comfortable even sleeping without fearing you may lose your luggage.

Advantages of using public means

 Here are a few advantages of using public means in Orlando:


It is cheaper

When compared to other means like buying or renting a car it’s cheaper. Maintaining a car will require insurance and you will incur costs of maintenance and damages. When using public means you also don’t have to worry about costs like parking and tolls.

Environmental benefits

Because of their ability to carry more people at once, they reduce the levels of greenhouse gasses that are released into the environment. When everybody uses their car the carbon footprint is increased which has an impact on the environment. This makes using public means a win-win situation since you get to where you need to go while at the same time preserving the environment.

Better interaction

It has a social benefit since you can interact more and better with other members of the community. This is as opposed to riding alone in a car. You can interact with other riders, create networks, and even create lasting relationships. Socializing has been known to help one maintain a healthy mental state.

Health benefits

It has benefits for your health and wellness. You get to walk to the pick-up location or from the drop-off location. Walking has numerous health benefits. Health and wellness experts recommend 10,000 steps daily which you can try to achieve by walking to and from the bus stop or the train station. Walking is also a physical exercise that helps to improve blood circulation and prevent chances of heart-related ailments.

Improve the cityscape

Using public means improves the cityscape by reducing the number of cars in the city. When everybody brings their car out the city runs out of space because they will need parking. It also creates a situation where other commuters like riders are inconvenienced because of congestion. Traffic jams and snarl-ups can also be greatly reduced.

Public means of transport in Orlando

Below are examples of public means of transportation you will find in Orlando.


Lynx bus services

Lynx offers several services including:

  • Local bus services.
  • FastLink-which is an express service along specific routes.
  • NeighbourLink-a flexible and on-demand service for less populated areas.
  • ACCESS LYNX-a door to door service for people with disability or other challenges that make it hard for them to use other fixed routes.
  • LYMMO-a rapid bus transport system for downtown Orlando.
  • Vanpool-which is a shared van for people commuting to the same area or have the same travel patterns.


This is the commuter rail service in Orlando. You can check out their website for the schedules.

I-RIDE Trolley

The trolley operates along International drive with daily services between 8:00 am to 10:30 am.

Beep-Move Nona

This is an all-electric autonomous shuttle that operates around the Lake Nona area. It connects commercial, residential, medical, and recreational areas. It is the largest autonomous network in North America.


When visiting Orlando and want to sample out the various attractions she offers you can opt to use public means or check out car rental opportunities and rent a car. The choice will ultimately depend on your personal preferences. You have seen the advantages of the two. Weigh them and decide on the means that best suits you as you enjoy Orlando.

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