2016 Toyota Urban Cruiser Concept, Review, Price

Among the pretty wide range of the vehicles, made by the Japanese car maker, that should receive its upgrades, refreshments as well as certain, primarily, minor changes, includes the 2016 Toyota Urban Cruiser. This slightly improved variant should present an improved efficiency of a fuel-efficient family vehicle combined with the advantage of a standard SUV. The refreshments will be the most notable on the Urban Cruiser’s front panel, while the rest of its design should remain quite similar to its predecessor, the 2015 model. Let’s check out how this slightly improved variant will, exactly, look like, shall we?

2016 Toyota Urban Cruiser Front

Interior, Exterior & Appearance of 2016 Toyota Urban Cruiser

This, slightly improved variant of Sports Utility Vehicle is imagined to possess a quite elegant, compact design body with the main cabin of the capacity to accommodate up to five passengers of an average height. Anyway, once launched, the Japanese car magician is hoping that the car lovers, fans and enthusiasts will find the 2016 Urban Cruiser to be among the most desirable SUV intended for a small family, primarily because of its, somehow, gaudy interior design and eccentric exterior, which makes it almost ideal option to own and drive around the city. Unlike its big brother, the Toyota Land Cruiser, the 2016 Urban Cruiser should retain its tiny appearance, combined with its much more improved fuel efficiency. These features will make it, preferable choice, among the vast range of the SUV’s presented these days.

2016 Toyota Urban Cruiser Side View

When it comes to the external appearance, this slightly modified variant should come available in a pretty broad range of the body colors, such as: beige metallic, white, silver, white pearl, super red, true black, blue and dark blue metallic that should be matched with either a dark gray or light gray charming interior. The rest of the exterior features should remain pretty much the same like its predecessor.

2016 Toyota Urban Cruiser Dsahboard

When we take into our consideration the 2016 Urban Cruiser’s inner design, one of the most visible refreshment is going to be noticed in using, slightly improved quality materials and, somehow, improved hi-technology gadgets, in its cockpit. This slightly modified variant should come along with a high leather seat comfort. High definition sound music system that will allow all of its passengers very convenient and utterly been pleasurable a long distance ride is included in standard equipment.

2016 Toyota Urban Cruiser Front Right Side
This quite handsome and very handy compact SUV will attract mainly female drivers, primarily because its compact size, amazing reliability, durability, general strength, its awesome fuel efficiency and, the last but not the least important, due to the fact that parking this car will present a-piece-of-cake job because it’s, relatively, small size. Regarding the high-technology and the safety gear, this slightly refreshed variant should come available with: a slightly improved navigation system coupled with a 7-inch touch screen digital display menu and a GPS system. It also has telescopic steering wheel fully made of leather, electrically heated front seats and environment control ability system, a 6 speaker audio system that should be matched with video gamer, access to the Internet, inevitable and quite strong Bluetooth connectivity and USB ports.

2016 Toyota Urban Cruiser Exterior

2016 Toyota Urban Cruiser Engine

As for the engine, the 2016 Urban Cruiser should come along empowered with a more sophisticated designed engine than was the case with its predecessor. The engine should meet with the specifications of 305Nm matching torque and more than 180kW power outputs. This particular engine unit should be coupled with six-speed gearbox that should possess a differential and drive shafts for boosting its overall speed and for increasing its general stability.

2016 Toyota Urban Cruiser Engine

Release Date & Price of Urban Cruiser Toyota

The estimated starting price for 2016 Toyota Urban Cruiser won’t be much different from its predecessor and should come in a range between $65, 000 and $70, 000. It should be available for purchase around April 2016.

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