2016 Ford F-150 redesign, mpg, price

2016 Ford F-150 redesign, mpg, price

As lucky thirteenth generation of Ford’s (and world’s) best-sold pickup F-150 advances, it is only natural to expect additional models to join the lineup. Apart from regular 2016 Ford F-150 models, next year brings off-road-oriented Raptor and some minor cosmetic changes.

The Ford F-150 hasn’t been the best-sold American car overall for nothing all these years. The new Ford F-150 2016 offers you just what you need (if you need a pickup, that is), and does that in true American fashion which emphasizes on power and functionality.

2016 Ford F-150 redesign

Design will remain unchanged. 2016 Ford F-1500 looks great and feels like that as well. That’s what every car should feel with 700 pounds of savings in weight, after all. Front end is both handsome and intimidating and new F-150 features a lot of angular lines. Double-deck headlamps are especially good-looking and they should feature in new SVT Raptor as well. However, off-road edition of F-150 which comes in late 2016, will get plenty of unique cues of its own, including blacked out grille and more pronounced fenders.

Interior doesn’t bring anything out of the ordinary. Things are pretty much the same as they were in outgoing models. Everything from cloth and plastic to leather and wood is still offered, and interior refinement depends on chosen trim level. Top grades offer advanced feature list which most of luxury crossovers would be envious of, for instance. However, safety features of 2016 Ford F-150 aren’t that advanced as they only come in basic form with the addition of adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitors and a lane-keeping system.

The new Ford F-150 2016 specs

Conventional lineup will continue to be offered in four distinctive choices. 2.7L EcoBoost V-6 will continue to be the smallest unit and it generates 325 hp and 375 lb-ft of torque. 3.5L EcoBoost V-6 makes 365 hp and 420 lb-ft of torque for even more towing pounds, while naturally aspirated 3.5L V-6 develops 282 hp and 253 lb-ft of torque. Finally, biggest mill remains 5.0L V-8 with as much as 385 hp and 387 lb-ft of torque. Raptor, on the other hand should receive new 3.5L twin-turbocharged V-6 engine with around 450 hp and lb-ft of torque alike. Needless to say, all models feature both rear and all-wheel drive, and get the same 6-speed automatic transmission.

POWERTRAIN 3.5-liter V6 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 5.0-liter V8 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6
Displacement 214 cu. in. 164 cu. in. 302 cu. in. 214 cu. in.
Compression ratio 10.8:1 10.0:1 10.5:1 10.0:1
Horsepower 282 @ 6.250 rpm 325 @ 5.750 rpm 385 @ 5.750 rpm 365 @ 5.000 rpm
Torque 253 lb.-ft. @ 4.250 rpm 375 lb.-ft. @ 3.000 rpm 387 lb.-ft. @ 3.850 rpm 420 lb.-ft. @ 2.500 rpm
Fuel economy




2016 Ford F-150 mpg and price

Fuel economy ratings are slightly better than before, but Ford still doesn’t offer efficient, diesel powertrain. Best figures come from small turbo six which is rated at 19/26 mpg. On the other hand, V-8 returns 15/22 mpg in rear-wheel drive form. The 2016 Ford F-150 price still remain in the range between $25,500 and $51,000, and future Raptor models will most likely sit at the top end of the scale.

More info on official Ford site.

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