2016 Ford Bronco Review

20 years have passes since Ford stopped producing Bronco in 1996, so it is fitting that the new, 6th generation be designated 2016 Ford Bronco. The lack of market interest for a 2 door sport utility vehicle has kept Bronco off production lines, but it seems that Ford has finally decided that it is time for a comeback. On the wings of their F-150 success, Blue oval will probably release new Bronco in late 2015, based on the Atlas concept, the same one new F series is based upon. Since Ford hasn’t confirmed (but neither denied) the news about the new Bronco, it still remains unclear is this the real deal or just a rumor mill going off on a tangent on Ford’s success lately.
2016 Ford Bronco 4

2016 Ford Bronco Body

New 2016 Ford Bronco looks a lot like the Atlas concept, except that instead of the cargo bed it has extended cabin. It will feature large rill that gives it wide look, with LED lights. The resemblance with the last Bronco, immortalized by O.J. Simpson famous car chase in 1994, is quite visible, despite all the changes. The iconic overall line of elongated cabin and two doors is still there. 2016 Ford Bronco will also feature large tailgate with chrome rear bumpers and two rectangular exhaust pipes. The fact that the body is made from the aluminum may put off some people, but it has been proven on F series by Ford that the concept works. Combination of aluminum body panels and rigid steel frame provides the same level of protection and saves weight. Huge clearance, inherited from the Atlas, is further increased by massive wheels, adding to the fact that the new Bronco will be true off road truck, not just another asphalt warrior.
2016 Ford Bronco Exterior

Power-train of 2016 Ford Bronco

Without the official statement from Ford, we can only speculate on the possible engine options in new 2016 Ford Bronco. Top of the line will probably feature 5.0 V8 gasoline Coyote engine, developed by Ford for new Mustang GT, with 385 horse powers and 387 pounds of torque. The engine can be tuned to deliver more than 400 horse powers. Another option would be a Power stroke 4.9 liter engine, developed for F series. Power stroke units are characterized by large torque output, so it would fit in nicely with 2016 Ford Bronco off road performance. Finally, for customers with modest power needs, there will be at least one EcoBoost engine in the offering, probably 2.0 diesel with turbo charger.
Transmission on standard model will be 6 speed automatic, while 6 speed manual will be offered as an option.
2016 Ford Bronco Engine

Ford Bronco 2016 Interior

Interior of the new 2016 Ford Bronco will probably be in line with what we saw in Atlas. The truck looks quite spacious on the inside, with large central console dividing the front seats. The center piece will probably be MyFord infotainment system, with large touch screen in the center of the dashboard.
2016 Ford Bronco Interior

2016 Ford Bronco Price and Availability

At earliest, 2016 Ford Bronco can be presented in late 2015, with sales starting in early 2016. Considering the Ford’s pricing of F 150, the base model should cost around $30,000.

More info: http://2016release.date/2016-ford-svt-bronco-release-date-2015/

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