13 Ways to Earn Some Extra Cash While Travelling

Do you want to make money while traveling? It’s entirely possible. You can sell your photos, work remotely or on a farm, or get a job as a server on a cruise ship. In this article we will tell you how to do it. You can also collaborate with car rental agencies and earn some money from this type of cooperation. 

13 Ways to Earn While Travelling

Tourism as a way to make money

If a person travels a lot, and it doesn’t matter if it’s work or just a vacation, then there are some exciting and easy ways to make money. Some involve a change in the usual procedures, while others do not require special effort.

Earnings with the car

If you travel by car in Europe, then Spain car rent can be rented with rental24.co.uk with a driver is the best way to earn some money. Do not skip an opportunity to earn some money while traveling and help other people to get to their destinations. It might be a great source of your income while traveling. 


Of course, you will meet many beautiful views, unusual situations, and vivid images on the way, so you should take your camera with you. The more unique and distinctive the photo, the faster and more money you can get for it. You can sell your photos on some stock websites for couple of dollars. 

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Renting an apartment

For the period of absence, you can find through Airbnb that you are willing to live in an apartment for relatively little money. Also, you can save on the other side of the housing issue – using a house-sitting service.

Carrying purchases in your luggage

You can often come to the country, buy something on the spot and take it home. But there is absolutely no way to order it over the Internet. That’s why there are several sites where you can offer your services to buy a place in your luggage to transport and deliver to any country.


If work can be done from home, with the availability of the Internet, it can be done from anywhere. It means that the beach and the beach in another country will do. So you can combine travel and fun with work and earning money. Only you must remember that you need access to the World Wide Web, and the monitor can glare on the beach. This is the great way to earn money and travel around a world with switching your locations. 

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Money on farms

Travel isn’t just about hotels and sightseeing. An exciting experience would be working on a small farm in the country you’re going to.

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms is the leading small farm labor sourcing organization. They work for the entire world and transport labor to the right corners of the planet, where commercial airline planes don’t fly. The owner provides shelter and sustenance in exchange for a daily 4-6 hour job. The worker also gets a fantastic experience and the opportunity to have fun in their spare time.

Jobs on a liner

A big cruise liner is a model of a small country that needs all kinds of workers. Of course, you’ll need knowledge of English, a solid vestibular apparatus, and iron nerves. Attendants are needed for pools, bars, casinos, beauty salons, children’s rooms, stores, cinemas, and nightclubs. Because of the nature of the work, the worker has accommodation, three meals a day, and a salary sometimes exceeding $ 1000. A perfect option, earn money by visiting different countries and living on the entire board.

Source: pexels.com

Feature articles and photo essays

If you can neatly describe a trip or take good photos, you can offer the result of his labor thematic editions specializing in tourism. You can start a blog or write on your social network page and find tourism sponsors. Payment for advertising their products can be taken in cash, or you can take the products – equipment and machinery for tourism.

English-language travel sites also pay for travel articles, but they require good language knowledge.

Money for travel tips

At some traveling websites, you can get paid for sharing information about a place or attraction, such as its hours of operation, how best to get there, and how you might be able to cheat the system. Money is transferred to the author’s account if someone browsing adds said information to their itinerary.

Meals of Fortune

Some places of public catering have menus in many languages. If you notice mistakes in the text in your native language, you can politely point them out to the establishment’s owner and offer to write correctly for a meal or a drink. The main thing is to be polite and discreet. In most cases, this approach works.

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In many European countries, there is a system for buying glass containers. When you buy a drink, the price includes the cost of the container, which you can get back in the form of money or a discount coupon by returning the bottles to a particular machine. Keep this system in mind and try to get your hard-earned money back if possible.

Street Performances

The most daring and rebellious can try to make money performing on the streets: playing musical instruments, singing, performing tricks, impersonating live sculptures, or modeling for other people’s performances.

The most crucial thing in this occupation is to know the local laws, not to break them, and to act within the limits of decent behavior. In many European countries, such performances are treated very leniently.


Going on a trip can make you some money. If you are attracted to any ways to make money while traveling, you can safely pack your bags and look for the most exciting destination. Photos, work on the ship, or cars for hire with car hiring opportunities that will bring you a nice income. Follow up our advices to change your life.

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