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Although, all-new 2016 Toyota Avensis, once it hits the global car markets, will be available for ordering exclusively overseas, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean that it will be of a poor quality made vehicle. Especially, when having in our minds that this novelty will be made by magicians of an utterly well-know and worldwide highly praised Japanese car manufacturer, Toyota, which name presents some kind of a synonym, when it comes to quality, reliability as well as durability. Anyway, this brand new variant is going to present some kind of a mixture between Camry and Avalon made in the States (more than a solid family-oriented car, which will come in three body styles).
After its debut the 2016 Toyota Avensis will present the fourth generation that is going to be available for purchase on the European car markets.

2016 Toyota Avensis Black

Interior, Exterior & Appearance of 2016 Toyota Avensis

This Toyota’s novelty is planned to come available in two models- as a wagon and sedan. And in two versions: sedan and touring sports. But, first and foremost, all-new 2016 Avensis will be just 40 mm longer than the previous model, while the rest of its proportions should stay unchanged.
As for the exterior changes concerns, certainly, one of the most notable ones will be the Avensis’s a completely redesigned front end that will be available coupled with masterfully crafted main grille. Other notable features are: slightly redesigned headlights coupled with LED Daytime Running Lights, rear bumper, 17 and 18-inch alloy wheels and new taillight clusters located on the rear end of a vehicle. All these changes and modifications have been made in order to provide for the entire car to get a more dynamic as well as more aggressive overall look.

2016 Toyota Avensis Side View

And, when it comes to the inner part of the newly made 2016 Toyota Avensis, absolutely everything will be subordinate to its passengers. Starting from the Avensis’s roomy main cabin that offers more than enough space, in order to accommodate up to five passengers to sit straight quite comfortable with having just enough space for all of their body parts. At the same time, the cabin will look much more sophisticated and elegant, which will be achieved through offering all-new trims and color schemes. As for the seats, all of them are going to be wrapped in the leather and Alcantara upholstery, and come available in Dual Ambient color schemes: Terracotta and Light Grey. All these modifications are, in fact, characterized by a new generation, and, perhaps, present a pretty desperate attempt to increase overall sales of Avensis model. However, we are more than delighted with this change, it’s really refreshing!

2016 Toyota Avensis Dashboard

2016 Toyota Avensis Engine

As for the powertrain, all-new motor option that is going to be introduced by the 2016 Toyota Avensis, will be extensively revised and as a kind of a central focus, will be set on the durability and reliability. So, all new Avensis will come along equipped with several engine options. The five-strong engine range features two diesels, they both will be all- new designed. The first one, the most likely, will be a 1.6 liter D-4D motor option that is going to be more than able to generate about a 112 hp, while the second one, the most likely, will be a 2.0 liter D-4D engine unit, which strength has, already, been estimated at a 143 hp.

2016 Toyota Avensis Engine

Release Date & Prices of Toyota Avensis 2016

The exact release date of the brand new 2016 Toyota Avensis has not yet been announced by Toyota, but according the latest rumors, it should happen either at the end of this year or, at least, in the very beginning of 2016. As for the price, it should be in a range around the 40,000 U.S. dollars mark.

More info on official Toyota site.

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