The Question Of A Soundproofed Car

There are just those days your off from work, the boss has been yelling at you all day to finish the reports and now on your way back home the sun is beating down heavily on your black car and you can feel the heat, you have been stuck in traffic for the past 30 minutes and you are desperate for a quench of water to cure your thirst.

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There is a construction site right by the roadside, the heavy machines are making loud noises as the workers thump away with their hammers, the noise irritates you and you decide to turn on the stereo but to your dissatisfaction your favorite RnB jam sounds terrible because of the rattling sound the sheet metal in your trunk is making and you ask yourself, ‘how can this day get any worse?’ Suddenly the guy who was right beside you with his car gets agitated by the clocked traffic and starts continuously blowing his horn like a mad man. Yeah, the day just got worse but there is a way to prevent this and that’s by; having a noiseless car.

How to have a noiseless car?

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The first thing to note and to keep in mind, however, is that having an entirely soundproof car is beyond the bounds of possibility but one can greatly reduce the amount of noise one is hearing while driving. There is a myriad of ways to make the deadening of sound in your car just to state a few, one can; soundproof the car’s doors, mats or input reflective insulation. For those who would love to have a soundproof car but have limited funds can opt to just by a better stereo to cancel out the noise with their preferred music.

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The Comfort Of A Sound Proof Car

Having a noiseless car comes with its own benefits and pleasures but I have mentioned earlier, it is impossible to have an entirely hushed car as when you cancel out one noise you will definitely hear one you haven’t heard before, maybe from the dashboard. Having a noiseless car is beneficial in that; first, you will have a lesser strain while driving, the noise from the outside from the angry drivers won’t affect you that much, when your going for longer distances, the drag from the tires which makes some noise and can be unbearable for some people will not be present and it will be just you cruising down the sweet highway.

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For the macho men who love big trucks and are irritated by the rattling noise that comes from the back of their trucks, can use products like Dynamat and Second-skin to the panels, this adds weight to the metal sheets on the back and makes the resonant frequency be reduced below that of human hearing thus you will not hear the rattle. This acts as an advantage as you will have a better quality of sound from your music system and you can enjoy your favorite music with your insulated car. You can also soundproof your roof to reduce rain noise and your fender to reduce tire noise. As the saying goes; Speech is Silver and Silence is Gold, I rest my case!

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