2014 Nissan Patrol Review and Specs

2014 Nissan Patrol would be a very good looking SUV which would have great performances and specifications. The manufacturer has really done great job regarding the engine choice and equipment package.

Exterior of new 2014 Nissan Patrol

The manufacturer would offer 2014 Nissan Patrol in seven different exterior colors and they would all be the variants of black, grey and white. The exterior design of this SUV would be very aesthetically pleasing due to its smooth and aerodynamic lines and color choices. Furthermore, the manufacturer would also make this SUV with five doors, including the trunk one. Additionally, the brand new LED technology has been used for the production of headlights and taillights.

2014 Nissan Patrol SW

2014 Nissan Patrol Interior

2014 Nissan Patrol would be also very aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. Namely, the manufacturer would use top quality fabrics and materials for seats and upholstery. The SUV would have elongated trunk which would be perfect for a lot of luggage. The comfort would be provided by a lot of legroom and head space.

Additionally, there would also be a lot of other settings and technologies installed. The manufacturer would thus offer a touchscreen of eight inches in addition to ports for Bluetooth, iPod and USB. A lot of attention would be paid to safety, and this is why the manufacturer would include the hydraulic body motion control suspension in addition to airbags. Furthermore, the manufacturer would also include forward collision warning system in addition ot stability and traction controls.

2014 Nissan Interior

2014 Nissan Patrol Engine and Transmission

There is not any doubt that the manufacturer would use a very powerful engine for 2014 Nissan patrol since this SUV would be made to overcome any terrain and weather difficulty and obstacle. Due to this reason, the manufacturer has opted for extremely powerful 5.6 liter engine. This would be a V8 engine of VK56VD type.

This engine would have the potential of creating 298 kW of power and to use 560 Nm of torque. Regarding the corresponding transmission, the manufacturer has made a decision to par this engine with the automatic transmission which has seven speeds. Furthermore, the manufacturer would also offer a 2 speed transfer. The manufacturer would also enable the four-wheel driving system.
2014 Nissan Patrol would be great in every aspect, from its appearance to its specifications.


2014 Nissan Patrol Release Date

Patrol has been presented to the world market and it is definitely available for sales in authorized dealerships around the globe. The manufacturer has offered several variants of this SUV, so, pick the one which you like the most.


Since we are talking about a model which is released for sales and the sales are lasting for some quite time, we can present the prices for 2014 Nissan Patrol. It needs to be said that there are several engine options and that they are as follows: $82 200, $92 850 and $113 900. It needs to be added that the manufacturer also offer a warranty for the period of three years or for 100 000 km.

2014 Nissan Patrol Side View

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