Porsche Mission E Review

Six years ago, Porsche had nothing to do with hybrid world and electrification and it still used its mighty flat- six V8 and V10 engines for powering their legendary vehicles. Now, this German carmaker took a huge step forward and has four vehicles in his lineup powered by a powerful engines and electric motors. These models are the Panamera S Hybrid, the Cayenne Hybrid, the 919 Hybrid, and the 918 Spider. At the 2015 Frankfurt Motor show, Porsche presented first full-electric vehicle called the Mission E. The Porsche Mission E won’t be powered by race-bred gasoline engine but it will still offer outstanding performance. It will be futuristic in terms of design, outstandingly fast, and pretty practical model. It will come as a four-door, four-seat configuration and it will offer good driving range. For the full rundown, read the article below.
Porsche Mission E Side View

Porsche Mission E Exterior

When you see the Mission E, you will immediately know that it belongs to Porsche. The vehicle showcases modern and futuristic design with the styling cues of the 919 Hybrid, the 918 Spider, and the Porsche 911. Since Porsche’s engineers wanted to improve vehicle’s aerodynamics, they made the Mission E as simple as possible, and thanks to these innovative solutions they developed a perfect vehicle. The Porsche Mission E represents a sedan wearing a racing suit, so we cannot say it is a compromise. The front fascia of the car is decorated with eye-catching headlights with four LED units in each headlight. The vehicle sports a newly designed bumper, similar to the one of the 911’s and 918 Spider’s. The bumper has a trapezoidal intake and a carbon-fiber splitter. Thanks to these features, the vehicle’s racing nature is enhanced. Around back, the vehicle has simple and yet distinctive design. Decorated with slim taillights with red LED stripe placed between them, the design strongly hints at that of the 911’s. The side profile of the vehicle reminds us of the side profile of the Panamera, but more aggressive version though.
Porsche Mission E Exterior

Interior of Porsche Mission E

As you can assume, the cabin of the Mission E features a state-of-the-art technology. The cabin has clean, attractive and luxurious design. It features a free-standing instrument cluster with 5 round instruments showed in OLED technology. Among many other features, the cabin is equipped with innovative display, navigation, climate control, Porsche Car Connect, etc.
Porsche Mission E Dashboard

Mission E Porsche Engine

The Porsche’s Mission E is impressive, in every way, especially when we talk about its engine department. Thanks to its 2 permanent magnet synchronous motors, this all-electric sedan will be able to produce over 600 horses. This model is extremely fast and needs only 3.5 seconds to hit 62 mph. Moreover, it needs only 12 ticks to reach top speed of 124 mph. The vehicle is equipped with AWD system and Torque Vectoring distributing torque automatically to the individual wheels.
Porsche Mission E Engine

E Mission Release date

We sincerely hope that Porsche will approve this concept very soon, but unfortunately the Porsche Mission E won’t see the light of the day very soon, keeping in mind all experimental technology that comes with it.

More info on official Porsche site.

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