2016 Toyota Fortuner Specs, Pictures, Interior

Toyota has actually just revealed a brand new SUV for the Australian market – the Fortuner. Based upon the latest variation of the age-old Hilux pickup, the Fortuner is a tough, body-on-frame SUV with 7 sitting places, powered by the very same turbo-diesel engine located in the Hilux and also comes with similar specifications. 2016 Toyota Fortuner would be quite big and it would offer a lot of comfort and power to its driver.

2016 Toyota Fortuner Hills

Exterior of 2016 Fortuner

The exterior design of 2016 Toyota Fortuner would be very modern and it would be very powerful at the same time. Namely, the SUV would have very elegant and smooth lines which would be enriched by the LED headlights and taillights running on the latest LED technology. Furthermore, fog lamps would be perfectly incorporated into the front bumper. The SUV would have four doors and there would be the door for the cargo area. When we are talking about dimensions themselves, the SUV would be 4795mm long, 1855mm wide, 1835mm high and the wheelbase would be 2745m long.

2016 Toyota Fortuner Exterior

Toyota Fortuner 2016 Interior

The interior design of 2016 Toyota Fortuner would be made from the finest materials and fabrics in order to provide the maximum comfort. There would be leather seats offered. Talking about seats, there would be three seat rows in the SUV, and the capacity would be for maximum of seven passengers. However, the good thing would be that the third row can be removed in order to create additional cargo space. Apart from this, additional enjoyment would be provided by the usage of great audio and climate systems. The manufacturer would certainly follow modern trends in the automotive industry. Due to this reason, he would include a lot of high-tech settings in the SUV. First of all, there would be optional satellite navigation and a touchscreen. Apart from this, there would be numerous ports for Bluetooth, USB, iPod etc.

2016 Toyota Fortuner Interior

Engine and Transmission of new 2016 Toyota Fortuner

The engine option for 2016 Toyota Fortuner would be formidably strong. More precisely, the manufacturer would use a 2.8 liter engine for this SUV. This would be extremely powerful engine since it would be able to provide 174 horsepower @ 3400 rpm and it would be able to use 331 lb-ft of torque @2400 rpm. Furthermore, the manufacturer would provide both the front-wheel and the four-wheel driving systems for this SUV. Additionally, this would be a turbo diesel engine. This engine would be paired either with the automatic or manual transmission, both of them would have six speeds. Furthermore, the engine would have high-pressure direct fuel injection.

2016 Toyota Fortuner Engine

2016 Toyota Fortuner Release Date

2016 Toyota Fortuner has not seen the lights of the showrooms yet; however, there are some predictions that this would most probably happen during October 2015. It is also not precisely known when the sales of this model would begin, but there are some predictions which say that this SUV would hit the dealerships during the final quarter of 2015.

2016 Toyota Fortuner Dusty Road

2016 Fortuner Toyota Price

Despite of the facts that the presentation date and the sales date are relatively near, there have not been any announcement of the price for 2016 Toyota Fortuner. It seems that we would need to wait for this information after the official display in the showrooms.

All in all, 2016 Toyota Fortuner would be a perfect choice when we are talking about SUVs.

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