2016 Toyota Hilux Diesel, Pickup, Specs

2016 Toyota Hilux would be designed in such a way as to be capable of surpassing any obstacle. This would be only improved by the usage of great materials for the exterior design and interior design, and it would be only completed by the usage of great settings and options.
2016 Toyota Hilux Right side

Toyota Hilux 2016 Exterior

2016 Toyota Hilux would have four doors and a very large cargo are, which would be perfect for goods and materials that a potential owner wants to transport. 2.5 tonnes would be the towing capacity of this truck.
2016 Toyota Hilux Off Road

2016 Toyota Hilux Interior

The interior would be very spacious for all five passengers on two seat rows. There would be only fine materials and fabrics used of 2016 Toyota Hilux. Furthermore, the manufacturer would include a lot of settings on the dashboard and the steering wheel. There would be also the possibility of having a touchscreen and satellite navigation. Safety would be enabled by seven airbags and stability and traction controls.
2016 Toyota Hilux 5

Engine and Transmission of 2016 Toyota Hilux

The purpose of 2016 Toyota Hilux is to be able to overcome any obstacle in terms of difficult terrain and weather conditions. This is the reason why the manufacturer would offer reliable, yet powerful, engine options, for this truck. The first engine option that the manufacturer would propose would be a 2.4 liter engine which would be a turbo diesel engine with the capacity to produce 112kW and to use about 400Nm of torque. There would also be the second engine option and it would be a 2.8 liter engine which would have four cylinders and the ability to produce 132kW and to use 450Nm of torque. Furthermore, the manufacturer would also offer a 2.7 liter petrol engine which would have four cylinders and there would be also the option of a 4.0 liter V6 petrol engine. There are even speculations that the manufacturer would also offer a 2.8 liter diesel engine. All these engine options would be paired either with the manual or the automatic transmission, which would both have six speeds. Furthermore, the manufacturer would enable both the front-wheel and the four-wheel driving systems.
2016 Toyota Hilux 9

2016 Hilux Release Date

It needs to be stated that 2016 Toyota Hilux has been officially revealed and presented to the world market and interested public. However, there are not any reliable data regarding the commencement of sales of this truck. The thing which is known is that there are some speculations that the sales would begin during the final three months of 2015.
2016 Toyota Hilux 8

2016 Hilux Toyota Price

Even though we are talking about the model which was officially revealed and presented, there are not any reliable and specific data about the accurate price of 2016 Toyota Hilux. However, there are some estimations which predict that the price of the base model would be about $20 000, but we are left without predictions about upgraded trims and equipment packages.

All in all, 2016 Toyota Hilux is definitely a truck worth attention due to its great design and engine options and performances. Its reliability and safety would be very satisfactory to a lot of interested buyers.

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