2016 Renault Alpine Release date and Price

2016 Renault Alpine would most certainly be a very good sports car due to its good design and specifications. It is believed that this perfect combination of elegant exterior and great engine options would make this car very desirable to a lot of potential customers.
2016 Renault Alpine front side

2016 Renault Alpine Exterior

2016 Renault Alpine would be produced in such a way as to have a typical exterior of a sports car. The elongated hood and the rest of the body of the car would have very smooth lines which would have good additions of a wing on the trunk and headlights and taillights which use the latest LED technology. Furthermore, the effect of power would be increased by the usage of dual exhaust pipes. The car would be produced with two doors.
2016 Renault Alpine Exterior

Interior of 2016 Alpine

The interior of 2016 Renault Alpine would be made from very good materials and fabrics, comfort would be also guaranteed by the incorporation of great audio and system control systems. In addition to this, the manufacturer would follow modern trends, and he would thus include a lot of other accessories and options. So, it is believed that there would be an optional touchscreen in addition to Bluetooth, MP3, USB and iPod connectivity. Also, safety of passengers would be provided by airbags and other safety options.
2016 Renault Alpine Interior

Renault Alpine Engine 2016 and Transmission

The need to satisfy as many potential customers as possible would probably make the manufacturer to offer various engine options. Moreover, it is believed that the manufacturer would offer a 2.0 liter engine, which would be an inline-4 engine with the capacity of producing 275 horsepower. Also, there is the second variant in terms of a 1.6 liter engine which would be able to create the power equal to 250 horses. Finally, it is expected that the manufacturer would also offer the third engine option in terms of a very strong 3.5 liter engine. This V6 engine would be able to produce even up to 400 horsepower. It is not yet know what type of transmission and with how many speeds this car would use. It is believed that the manufacturer would also work on the reduction of fuel consumption. Also, there are speculations that the manufacturer would enable the rear-wheel driving system.
2016 Renault Alpine Engine

Release Date of 2016 Renault Alpine

The presentation date of 2016 Renault Alpine has not been specified yet. It is expected that this model would be revealed during the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, which would take place from the 3rd to the 13th March 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland. However, there are not any reliable data regarding the commencement of sales, which are expected during the second half of 2016.
2016 Renault Alpine Front


Regarding the pricing of 2016 Renault Alpine, it is believed that the base model of this car would cost about $35 000. Furthermore, the estimations predict that the upgraded trims and equipment packages would be priced at about $40 000.

We are left with the conclusion that 2016 Renault Alpine would have very good design and equipment package, and its price would also be affordable.

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