2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Info Specs News

2016 Ferrari LaFerrari is a typically designed Ferrari vehicle with the overall formula look. The vehicle is primarily aimed at all those who can afford this type of luxury.
2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Front

2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Exterior

This model has a typical Ferrari look which strongly resembles the look of formula. This two-door sports car is designed in such a way that it has sharp yet aerodynamic lines which would create impression of power and style at the same time. Futuristic and extremely trendy LED headlights and taillights are just one proof of this. The doors open, naturally, by going upwards.
2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Exterior

Ferrari LaFerrari 2016 Interior

The interior by itself is also very comfortable for two passengers. The more important thing is the safety of 2016 Ferrari LaFerrari. Namely, even though we are talking about a sports car, the manufacturer incorporated numerous safety features for the safety of both the vehicle and its passengers. Also, the manufacturer included numerous modern accessories, such as Bluetooth and internet connectivity, in order to make this sports car even more modern.
2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Interior

Engine and Transmission of 2016 Ferrari LaFerrari

There is no discussion about the power and strength of this model. It is almost natural that the manufacturer would incorporate a very powerful engine in order to suffice the demands of the pickiest customers. More precisely, the engine which would be incorporated would be a 6.3 liter engine. This engine would have twelve valves and it would use 633 lb-ft of torque. The power that this engine would produce is enormous and it would be 963 horsepower. We should also mention that this car would use the transmission with seven speeds. Since this car is made to be very strong and fast, it is no surprise that this car is capable of accelerating up to 62 mph in just three seconds. The maximum speed of this vehicle is believed to be about 217 mph. it needs to be said that this model would have a capacity of a hybrid system, and the power would be the combination of a gasoline and electric motor.
2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Engine

2016 LaFerrari Release Date

There was neither official presentation nor release for sales of this model. Furthermore, the actual date of release for sales and the date of taking of orders is also unknown. However, it is speculated that this model would be available for purchase during the end of this, i.e. from fall 2015, year or maximum during the beginning of the next year. The thing which simply needs to be emphasized is the number of the units the manufacturer intents to produce, and there would be only 500 units of this model
Ferrari LaFerrari Geneva 2013

2016 Ferrari LaFerrari Price

It simply goes without saying that this type of vehicle is extremely expensive and that it is made from the little minority which can pay a fortune for it. There is no exact price, however, it is speculated that this model would cost about 1.7 million dollars.

All in all, 2016 Ferrari LaFerrari is one perfect sports car. However, the price may be its limiting factor to the vast majority of people.

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