The 5 Most Reliable Used Mercedes Models That Never Die!

Mercedes Benz is one of the biggest luxury car producers. When it comes to a Mercedes Benz automobile, new or old, they never disappoint. Loaded with the best of the best engine, edge-cutting technologies, and futuristic features, Mercedes cars are a package deal. Having been one of the leading automobile giants, it is almost everyone’s dream to own a Mercedes car once. The only “downside” to a Mercedes car used to be their hefty price tags.

But with the invention of the second-hand automobile segment, Mercedes are once again one of the most popular cars in demand. Earlier only the rich were able to afford luxury cars such as Mercedes due to the sky-high price point. But, in the last couple of years, the tides have changed with the growth in the pre-owned luxury automobile sector. Luxury cars such as Mercedes are built to survive the test of time and hence even when they’re bought second-hand, after a couple of years of usage, the car still feels and performs like new as long as it is maintained properly.

With the bridged price gap, nothing is stopping you from getting the car of your dreams. But when you think of buying a luxury one, especially one such as Mercedes, one of the first questions to come to mind is which are the most reliable used Mercedes cars out of their numerous lines. So, here we’ve got the top 5 most reliable used Mercedes car models that will serve you well until the end of time.

1. 2008 Mercedes-Benz E Class


Are we even surprised? Mercedes Benz E Class is one of the top Mercedes cars in the country. Made in India for Indian roads, this car is as classy as it is agile and durable. With the highest level of intelligence found in any of Mercedes’s other models, E Class is packed with utmost comfort and safety features to provide you the utmost driving experience. With a coupe-like look flowing down to broader shoulders, a bigger wheelbase, and well-defined flanks, Mercedes Benz E Class is one of the best sedans, and the most reliable Mercedes cars you can get your hands on. The ex-showroom starting price of this beauty is around 63 lakhs but you can steal a deal in the second-hand car market for this car even under 20 lakhs.

2. 2010 Mercedes-Benz C Class


Another super popular Mercedes model both in the showroom and off it. The sedan is popular for its perfect proportions and utmost driver comfort. With its contemporary design and Avantgarde interiors, this car provides you with that level of luxury you’re looking for. With tons of safety features, a simple, sleek, and stunning design, and its spacious interiors, the C Class is one of the topmost reliable used Mercedes out there.

The starting price of Mercedes C Class ex showroom is around 28.63 lakhs and it goes up to 36 lakhs but in the pre-owned market you can also find the car in around (or under) 20 lakhs.

3. 2011 Mercedes CLS


A Mercedes beauty specially designed to seduce and charm automotive enthusiasts with its in-line 4-cylinder engine. The car oozes it’s signature smooth, silky power that rumbles with its engine. The car holds well and with every push of the accelerator, you get to witness the sensual beauty that is this car.

The extra legroom is just a provided bonus for people who suffer from long legs syndrome and its sleek built makes it easier to navigate through tougher, more crowded roads. The price starts around 31.72 lakhs onwards and you can grab it off the used car market for around 25 lakhs.

4. 2012 Mercedes S Class


It is only fair to put one of the world’s best luxury cars on this list. The Mercedes Benz S Class is the flagship line of Mercedes Benz and has been amongst the best of the best luxury cars out there. Equipped with the most intelligent assistance system, a beast of an engine, and top-of-the-top features, this car once bought will never disappoint you. Even though not a popular option for used Mercedes, pertaining to its “slightly” pricier tag, but Mercedes S Class is a car you can rely on. What else could you need from the top of the chart’s luxury cars if not utmost reliability?

This flagship carline starts at a whopping price of 89.16 lakhs onwards and even goes up to 2 Cr depending on the add-ons and customizations but in the second-hand luxury car segment, you can also find the Mercedes S Class for around 45lakhs and onwards.

5. 2015 Mercedes GLK Class


How can it be a reliable car list if there isn’t one SUV on it, right? This Mercedes GLK Class SUV car is amongst the topmost reliable used Mercedes out there. With an elevated view of the road, a chiseled exterior design, and a subdued interior design with subtle luxury, this car is perfect for people who aren’t a big fan of over-the-top looks and prefer something more subdued.

The SUV provides an unimpaired view of the road for utmost driver comfort, and abundant legroom and headroom in the cabin, and a tough cookie that can weather any season, whether it’s blistering hot or snowy cold, off-roading or in town. The car provides plenty of power, and comfort whether it is a short driver you’re going for or off the city. The SUV starts around the price point of 43.60 lakhs and goes up to 47 off showroom but it can also be found around 10 lakhs less.

Just remember that as long as the car is in good condition, well-maintained and you have got a transparent history available, it doesn’t matter if you buy it second-hand. A Mercedes car will always serve you well as long as it is maintained well.

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