2018 Tesla Pickup Truck Concept, Price

Earlier this year at a Tesla meeting some interesting details have been revealed about the future of the company. In a particular slide they shown two new cars being released in the near future, one of them being the Model 3 sedan. It still is unclear which one is the other car but so far it seems that the cheap crossover might not be it. Instead, the highly rumored 2018 Tesla Pickup Truck might be released first in order to cash in on a highly competitive, and lucrative, market. Elon even stated that a Tesla truck would be really impressive and it would be one of the better choices out there.


2018 Tesla Pickup Truck – More details

We would tend to agree with Elon on his statement. Having no engine in the front would free up a lot of space and it would give Tesla a real competitor on the North American car market. The only problem we see with the plan would be the range of an all electric truck. While it would easily be able to match the range of a normal truck when not loaded, things would change when weight is applied. It seems that Tesla wants to solve this problem by using new battery technology as well as a much higher capacity unit but more on that later. The price would also be a rather interesting step. Elon stated that a truck would cost more than $70,000 which is a lot more than a base F-150.


The maintenance, a winning factor

Even though it would cost a lot more, the 2018 Tesla Pickup Truck would also have a lot of advantages. Tesla would be able to install more SuperChargers which would provide more free energy to their customers. On top of that, having an all electric truck means less moving parts that can break and a much cheaper to run fleet. They would not need oil, gas or the regular maintenance a gas engine needs which would save a lot of money in the long run.


Inside and out – the design of 2018 Tesla Pickup Truck

While the look of a truck is a lot less important than what it can do, there are people choosing the better looking one of the bunch. The upcoming Tesla truck would likely borrow a lot from the S and X models which means a grille-less front end, slim headlights and a really subtle, yet aggressive, front end. The truck will likely use a bed integrated into the chassis and it would actually use a dedicated chassis which will also include the battery pack for extra strength.

The end result should be a conventional-looking truck with some tricks up its sleeve. It would feature a front-mounted trunk, likely with power outlets and storage spaces for electric tools, at least on some models. The bed would also benefit from a wide opening and a flat floor.

The heart of the electric truck

The 2018 Tesla Pickup Truck would have to be quite impressive in order to compete with the F-150 and the Silverado. It seems that it just might. It is expected to hit the market with either rear or all wheel drive. The output should be north of 400 horsepower and well over 500 lb-ft of torque across the range. The battery pack is expected to be at least double that of the Model X, so more than 160 kWh. This should give it a range of around 350 to 500 miles when empty.

The key differences will be when ti will have to tow something. The truck will have to offer at least 100 miles of range when towing its maximum capacity which is actually expected to be over 10,000 pounds. This would definitely give Ford and GM a run for their money and it would make Tesla a really interesting offering.


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