6 Things to Know About Road Tolls in New Jersey

When we talk about the substantial toll networks, New Jersey stands at the number one position amongst all the states in the USA. One of the busiest roads in NJ is about 122 miles that is known by the term NJ Turnpike. There are two tollways located here: Atlantic City Expressway and Garden State Parkway. Apart from these tollways, several toll bridges are present across the state, including Goethals Bridge, Outerbridge Crossing, etc. 

In this article, we will be learning about various things related to the road tolls present in New Jersey. The main point that you have to note is that almost every toll plaza located here is cashless, and therefore, getting a valid tag while you drive in NJ is suggested. In case you want a discount on these tollways, then you need to get NJ E-ZPass. 

Another interesting thing to note is that whenever you miss pay at any of them, an invoice is sent to the vehicle owner. All these details are essential for understanding if you are moving to New Jersey or passing by it. If you want to get some more insights related to this topic, then follow this site

Things to Know About the Tollways in New Jersey

1. Toll collection for tunnels in NJ: 

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There are two famous tunnels in NJ, namely the Lincoln tunnel and the Holland Tunnel. If you are passing by these tunnels, then you must know where to pay for these tollways. The tolls for these tunnels are collected when you enter New York and not in NJ itself. Talking about its peak hours, then it would be correct to say that it is between 6-10 AM and 4-8 PM on weekdays. Whereas on the weekends, the peak hours are between 11 AM-6 PM. 

2. Factors on which toll depends: 

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Another important thing that you must know about is how you will be charged when you are using a highway in New Jersey. These charges depend on factors like the type of vehicle, toll facility, time of your journey, axle count, and methods used by people for the payment. It is good to note down that between NY and NJ, and you don’t have to charge to enter New Jersey. 

3. Payment methods accepted here: 


There are typically three payment methods used here: cash, E-ZPass, and toll invoices. As mentioned earlier, most of the tollways in NJ do not accept cash, but few accept it. However, it again depends upon the presence of the staff members to collect the money. Apart from this, if you want to save money charged on these tollways, you can get an E-ZPass for yourself that is issued by the state. 

Another payment method includes the invoice of the charges that you need to pay. When you reach a tollway, a video or a photograph of your vehicle’s number plate is taken, and then you receive the invoice of the toll on the address on which that particular vehicle is registered. This is how most people make the payments after receiving the invoices. 

4. Agencies responsible for collected tolls: 

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In total, there are eight agencies responsible for collecting tolls from people in New Jersey. Whether you are looking forward to paying for the invoices received or violation and missed tolls, these authorities can help you with it. All of these agencies have been given a responsibility that depends on road to road. Every agency controls different routes, which you can easily find out on their official page. These eight authorities are: 

  • New Jersey turnpike authority
  • Port Authority of NY and NJ
  • Delaware river port authority
  • Delaware River and bay authority
  • South Jersey transportation authority
  • Burlington County Bridge Commission
  • Cape may county bridge commission
  • Delaware river joint toll bridge commission

5. Learn about the E-ZPass NJ: 

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One of the most popular methods that are more convenient than the others is E-ZPass, a transponder tag. This tag is used to pay for the toll charges in New Jersey and other countries that accept the pass. All you have to do is mount that tag on your vehicle, and whenever you pass by a toll, the charges will be automatically deducted. 

The primary benefit of using this tag is that it offers discounts on various roads, tunnels, and bridges. However, these discounts are dependent upon two main factors: the number of trips to be made and the time of the day. 

If you are also interested in getting the E-ZPass New Jersey, then you can apply for it online through their official website. If you don’t want to apply for it online, there is another option for purchasing it from some retailers available in NJ. 

6. Study about the guidelines of passing through a tollway: 

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Many people have a myth that paying a toll involves many complicated steps, which is not true. When you have the proper knowledge or guidelines about passing a toll road, nothing remains complex. Let us quickly check some of the points that you should keep in mind: 

  • The amount charged on the tollways in the USA is, on average, five dollars, which is pretty reasonable. However, it can slightly vary depending upon the type of road that you are taking. 
  • Whether exclusive or overseen by state divisions of transportation, expressways are very much promoted by and large. There are zero excuses to be worried about, surprisingly finding a tollway. 

To Sum Up

Whether experienced or new, it is always better to learn about the guidelines before passing any tollway. Various online tools can help you calculate the charges you have to pay depending on the toll road you are taking. Learn about the above points to clear all your doubts regarding the toll roads in NJ. 

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