2018 Honda Ridgeline Price, Changes

The ongoing generation of the Ridgeline has been released for the 2017 model year, so it isn’t exactly old. Despite that, it seems that an update might be on its way with the 2018 Honda Ridgeline. This is because the current version still lacks some features in some markets, so Honda might address the lack of these. On top of that, the pickup could get some changes under the hood in order to make it a better choice for those looking to replace their cars with it.

Even though the 2018 model will change, most of it will remain the same as before. Both the design as well as the interior are unlikely going to change much. Also, even though the powertrain could be revised, the truck will likely carry over the same engine as before. There are strong rumors out there suggesting the US market Ridgeline could get some missing features. For starters the truck is expected to receive more safety systems as standard. Things like an adaptive cruise control and possibly an active lane assist system could not become standard offerings.

2018 Honda Ridgeline Price & Release date

Despite the changes being minimal to none, the price will go slightly up. The move that wasn’t expected but it happened nonetheless. Not a popular decision because loyal customer hate price increase, but it wasn’t in an extraordinary region. All models will cost more for $150 or $155. Not much, we agree, but the model didn’t receive any changes, and it’s only one year old.

The above-mentioned means that the base version the Ridgeline RT starts at $30,570. To afford the all-wheel drive Ridgeline, you will have to pay $34,110 for Sport version. The AWD is an optional feature, and it costs $1900. So, the price is a bit different but except that other things are staying same. RTL, RTL-T, RTL-E, and Black Edition remain absolutely the same. The top tier RTL-E equipped to the top costs $42,560, while the Black Edition starts at $44,060.

The 2018 Honda Ridgeline is already available in dealerships. The shipments started on July 25th.

The design

The 2018 Honda Ridgeline, or at least its usual versions, will be identical to the outgoing model. However, there are rumors out there about two possible new trim levels. There is the Type R, an on-road aimed truck with a lowered suspension, larger wheels, high performance tires, possibly larger brakes and a unique body kit. This would likely start a new trend for all the other manufacturers to follow. An off-road specific model is also a real possibility. With the help of Bilstein shocks, new springs, likely chunkier tires as well as new front and rear bumpers, the Ridgeline could become a highly capable truck in off-road.

Inside the cabin

One of the largest drawbacks with the interior of the truck has to be its infotainment system. This is not that fast and the interface is clunky. It seems that the 2018 version of the truck will receive a brand new system which is also expected on Honda’s future models. This will not only offer physical shortcut buttons but also a much improved interface and hardware. Thanks to that the system should be both faster and much easier to use than its predecessor. The rumors high performance versions are both expected to receive new seats and possibly new upholstery with a heavier emphasis on the quality of the materials. On top of that it seems that the 2018 Honda Ridgeline could receive some improvements across the range. Things like power folding mirrors, heated rear seats, vented front seats as well as rain sensing wipers could become available in the US.

Under the hood

Here the truck will more than likely retain the same engine as before. The 3.5 liter naturally aspirated V6 will remain which is not that bad. It can currently offer 280 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque which is fairly impressive. The 6 speed gearbox on the other hand might be replaced by either the 9 speed ZF automatic or by Honda’s brand new transmission. The latter is a 10 speed gearbox which can offer 2 low gears and 3 highway gears, all missing from the current model. With it the Ridgeline could get improved fuel economy and a higher tow rating. The overall on-road performance will likely remain unchanged which is fine mainly because the Ridgeline happens to be one of the fastest trucks around. A hybrid engine, despite the rumors about it, is highly unlikely at this point because the gas is cheap and Honda doesn’t really have to compete with any hybrid trucks.

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