2017 Tesla Model 3 Pictures, Specs, Interior

The manufacturer of 2017 Tesla Model 3 (III) wild boldly continue to make electric cars which would also be eco-friendly. However, this would by all means mean that this car would not have a very powerful engine and great specifications and equipment package. After the official presentation we can give you some insights in this car appearance and specifications.

2017 Tesla Model 3 2x

Exterior of Tesla Model 3 2017

The exterior design of 2017 Tesla Model 3 (III) would surely be both futuristic and modern. The futurist design would be the continuation of manufacturer’s tradition. The modern design would be embodied in its smooth and elegant lines which would have nicely incorporated headlights and taillights which would use the latest LED technology. This car would be produced with five doors, the trunk one and four for passengers. The thing that would be also interesting is the announcement of having a sunroof.

Interior of 2017 Tesla Model 3

The interior design of 2017 Tesla Model 3 would be very modern with leather seats and upholstery and dashboard made from fine quality materials. The comfort would be very sufficient for the potential of five passengers. The manufacturer would also provide adjustable front seats regarding their height. Since the intention was to make a futuristic car, the manufacturer would surely include all possible modern technologies that could be found in a car. For this reason, it is expected that the car would have Bluetooth, MP3 and USB ports along with iPad and iPhone connectivity. Furthermore, the touchscreen would almost be a must, and it would be also for entertainment settings but also for monitoring the road and condition of the vehicle.

2017 Tesla Model 3 Control Panel

2017 Tesla Model 3 Engine and Transmission

The manufacturer would continue its tradition to produce electric cars, i.e. hybrids which would also have electric motors. After some predictions that the manufacturer would install a very durable and powerful battery to accompany this motor, assumptions were that it would be able to last for, at least, 300 miles. Truth is that it can last 215 miles. Unbelievable thing is that it can go 0-60 mph in less than six seconds.

2017 Tesla Model 3 Side View Black

Release Date of 2017 Model 3 (III) Tesla

2017 Tesla Model 3 (III) had its own debut; and many predictions that the car would hit the showrooms during the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, were almost accurate. Instead of Geneva introduction, car was presented at the company’s headquarters. Right after it was announced that car can be per-ordered, starting from April 1. more than 276,000 people already ordered it, smashing few selling records in the process. First Tesla’s will hit roads somewhere in late 2017.

2017 Tesla Model 3 Beauty

Tesla Model 3 (III) Price

After the official presentation that has happened merely few days ago, the manufacturer has announced that prices for this particular model will be in range from $35,000 for basic model, to 42.000$ depending on how many options you decide to add.


All in all, this sedan is a good continuation of electric vehicles of the manufacturer. Not only that, 2017 Tesla Model 3 (III) was expected to have very satisfactory, but now we can already say, it has excellent specifications.

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