2016 BMW M8 price, pictures, specs

2016 BMW M8 price, pictures, specs – Many people speculate that BMW is getting ready to launch an excellent supercar and it appears that the rumors are true. It was believed that the newcomer will be called M1 since the concept vehicle M1 Hommage was unveiled back in 2008. However, the new model will be called M8 for sure since it will have the same aluminum and carbon-fiber chassis as the new BMW i8. Let’s now check the details about the new BMW M8 2016.
2016 BMW M8 On the road


2016 BMW M8 review

The new BMW M8 2016 boasts an outstanding and luxurious cabin. We will be offered lighter colors when it comes to the leather seats, while on the other hand steering wheel and control section are black. The manufacturer decided not to introduce a touchscreen display which has become an infallible part of the equipment of modern vehicles. The vehicle is designed for fast driving with an outstanding comfort and it appears that it will attract the attention of younger customers, but older drivers can find a lot for them in the new 2016 M8.

BMW’s M8 will be a top-notch in terms of exterior design. It will be a low vehicle of course because it is a sport car. It might be low, but it will be wide at the same time. The front grille of the vehicle is divided into 2 parts. When it comes to the lights, they will have a flattened look. Generally, the model will hit the market significantly lighter than the previous model, because only lightweight materials were used to build the new 2016 BMW M8.

2016 BMW M8 Exterior

BMW M8 2016 specs

We will start from the engine of the new BMW M8 2016. We’ve mentioned that it will have the same chassis as the BMW i8 but it doesn’t mean that the BMW M8 will be a hybrid supercar. Of course, we can expect an outstanding performance. It is enough to say that the vehicle will be able to accelerate from naught to 100 meters per hour in only three seconds. The 2016 M8 will be powered by an updated version of M 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 direct-inject power unit made out of carbon-fiber and titanium. This engine is capable of producing 650 hp. As for the transmission, it will be an 8-speed automatic. Additionally, it will be equipped with start-stop system which has a positive effect on fuel economy.

2016 BMW M8 release date and price

You might be disappointed when you hear that the company won’t produce a great number of vehicles. The 2016 BMW M8 is expected to arrive on the American market in mid-2016 priced at $330,000 for the standard model.

More info: http://www.topspeed.com/cars/bmw/2016-bmw-m8-ar146675.html

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