2015 Jeep Gladiator Review and Release Date

Once upon a time Jeep was high-flyer in manufacturing pick-ups, but their popularity gradually ceased during the years. This is due to increased competence in the class of pick-ups thus Jeep had to find a way to get back on track. Gladiator was once popular in the US but we haven’t seen the new model for a while. However, Jeep decided to make a comeback of this once very popular pick-up. 2015 Jeep Gladiator is brand-new pick-up truck that is scheduled to come to the market by the end of this year. It has unusual appearance comparing to conventional pick-ups but it hides a lot under the hood. It is most likely new Gladiator won’t reach the European market but, to tell you the truth, it has never been popular there. In our assumption Americans are going to be thrilled because one of their favorite pick-up trucks is coming back.

2005 Jeep(R) Gladiator Concept Vehicle

Jeep Gladiator 2015 Engine

Two different engine units are offered for the 2015 Jeep Gladiator. The base engine is more powerful (which is unusual) and it can deliver 285 HP and 260 lb-ft of torque. This V6 targets all those who don’t care about the fuel consumption and who find power figures the most important characteristic. With this engine you won’t have any problem during the off-road drive. The second option is significantly less powerful but has much better fuel economy.

The 2.8l inline-4 diesel unit comes with an output of 160 HP and 295 lb-ft of torque. On average Gladiator equipped with the 2.8l can reach 25 mpg. 2015 Jeep Gladiator takes few features after Wrangler, such as lockable differentials. Transmission system is the six-speed automatic. It seems that new Gladiator is perfect for an off-road drive, but it is most likely that it can’t compete with other trucks when it comes to on-road drive.


Interior and Exterior of new 2015 Jeep Gladiator

When you take a look at the new 2015 Jeep Gladiator you get a feeling it is an army vehicle from WW2. Structure of this pick-up is strong and made from high-quality materials. Besides green color we will probably be able to see it in a red color, as well. Despite its rough outlook, interior of new Gladiator is made from top-notch materials which provide great comfort for the passengers. There is even an option to fold the seats down and get a bed, which is great if you are traveling on long distances and need some time to lie down and take a rest. Perhaps it is not as appealing as some other pick-ups but we assure you the 2015 Jeep Gladiator won’t let you down.


2015 Jeep Gladiator Release date and Price

There are many speculations out there about the launching but according to the most reliable sources new 2015 Jeep Gladiator will be released this month, in October 2015. We still need to wait and see whether this is going to happen or not but we don’t doubt it will come soon. On the other hand, price is already known and new Gladiator will cost $26,500. When we take competence into consideration we find this price quite reasonable for this pick-up truck.


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